The Minority Report is Here: All Business Apps on a Single Pane of Glass

The 2002 movie Minority Report used futuristic technology to set the tone of the story. In fact, the movie was showcasing technology that it predicted would later come. There was a lot of it, including retinal scans that confirmed identity, interactive glass screens and holograms. Now singled out for successfully forecasting digital trends, Esquire Magazine recently dubbed it “The Movie that Accurately Predicted the Future of Technology” (Howard).

The Minority Report is Here: All Business Apps on a Single Pane of Glass


The futuristic digital technologies once seen in the movie are now becoming available on the open market. Recently, Microsoft unveiled the HoloLens, “Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully self-contained holographic computer, enabling you to interact with high-definition holograms in your world” (“HoloLens”). Early reactions are encouraging. Reviewers of Microsoft products say that the HoloLens “feels like the future of computing” (FitzSimmons).

Microsoft uses the phrase “mixed reality” to describe HoloLens viewing. It’s changing the way we think about a user interface (UI). There are a variety applications for the technology, for both business and education. Microsoft is a big believer in the HoloLens and mixed reality technology in general:

HoloLens used as a single pane of glass for business apps integrated with the LiveTiles Design platform

“Mixed reality will enable us to connect better with each other, where people – not devices – are the center of everything, and where technology no longer gets in our way and embraces who we are. By 2020, 80 million mixed reality, virtual reality and augmented reality devices will be shipping every year” (Mehdi).

The Minority Report is Here: All Business Apps on a Single Pane of Glass


For the highest level of integration possible, “the Microsoft HoloLens runs Windows 10” and “can run any app for Windows 10” (Rubino). Office 365 is required to run Windows 10 after the preview date, and Microsoft’s subscription Enterprise Plans allow a user access Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, Skype and SharePoint to name a few of the most popular. These programs are designed to make sharing easy, and foster employee engagement. Assuming we have an Office 365 download, what can we do with the HoloLens? Microsoft shares the following real-world examples to highlight the practical applications of the device:

“Microsoft HoloLens is already enabling mixed reality experiences – changing the way cars are designed at companies like Volvo, redefining how medical students learn at universities like Case Western Reserve, and helping scientists explore the surface of Mars” (Mehdi).

Along with these innovators, LiveTiles is ready for the HoloLens. Our video above shows some of the uses we’ve found for it in our office and digital workplace. While the HoloLens can be used for entertainment and gaming, there are clearly digital design and business uses. Visualizing a UI with a HoloLens makes it easier to craft a better UX for end users. It’s interactive and accessible, allowing for new levels of collaboration and teamwork across the board. An added

benefit of the HoloLens is that “you can take pictures or video at any time. You just use the ‘bloom gesture’ to get to the Start screen and choose photo or video” (Rubino).

This means that if you were designing something, it’s easy to capture a moment in time for later viewing. You never need to worry about a good design going to waste. Use the HoloLens with your existing project management software, for your social intranet or to manage Azure. For some organizations, their data management UX will never be the same. Bring the HoloLens into your digital workplace made with LiveTiles Design and make mixed reality your latest digital design tool.

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