Org Chart Builder

The LiveTiles platform has an integrated org chart builder and web part that provides everyone in your company visibility into all the divisions, teams and people, and makes it simple to learn and collaborate across the entire organization.

See how our Employee Directory Assistant can improve the employee experience in your organisation.

Easy to use

The org chart makes it simple to find where an employee sits in the company and learn about their skills and contact details.

Complete & accurate

The org chart builder is supported by our AI & Bot technology, ensuring that information is complete and up-to-date without manual entry required.


The org chart builder can be configured to show different profile information, zoom settings and display options.

Lightning fast

The org chart software is fast and responsive, allowing employees to dive into all parts of the company by expanding or collapsing reporting lines.

Built for Office 365

It doesn’t matter what SharePoint pages your intranet is built on; the web part works in both classic and modern pages.

Real time

Through our Integration Framework, you can connect all your systems where employee information lives, including your HRIS.

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