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Why is it an issue for companies to jump on the bandwagon and create “products?” It’s because those products don’t enable optimal solutions in multi-talented public cloud environments.

The modern customer has decided that they need a product at the center of their digital workplace solution. This solution can be anything from an intranet, a digital news publication, a store portal, a digital university or a place where colleagues come together virtually to collaborate.

LiveTiles enables users to create these platforms in a very rapid and productized way that is visually amazing and is compatible across all mobile devices. Customers want a product like LiveTiles at the center of their digital workplace because as Microsoft updates Office 365, which will happen monthly in 2016, the solution will maintain itself.

Other technology partners or competitors in the industry are developing products for the digital workplace. They realize the need for this service so they’ve started releasing competing “products,” but they are essentially packaged services or they’re a little bit of IP that the partner is using. They’re trying to offer the same solution because the modern customer wants to buy a product that doesn’t require “building.”

They want to reuse a branding master-page in a templated way across many of their customers. This provides a partner with a great ability to offer something at scale, but it doesn’t solve the customer’s problem of having a robust product at the core of their digital workplace solution. Once Microsoft updates that multi-talented Office 365 platform we all know and love, then these other “products” will be unable to compete because they’re custom solutions. They’re not products from an independent software vendor (ISV), such as LiveTiles.


A proposed solution is that an intelligent customer will want to use a product from an ISV to ensure that the ISV is able to keep up with Microsoft’s latest patented practices, to make sure that the customer’s solution is robust. The benefit of using a service like this is that a client’s digital workplace stays up and running—it doesn’t get buggy and the customer is able to continually get value from this. They don’t need to worry about repairing anything that breaks.

LiveTiles is a product that has been engineered in a way that is very simple to use. The added benefits here are also that IT can learn something very quickly in their organization that has been aggressively tested, and is production ready. LiveTiles can deliver an initial template or site and start passing out this capability to other business users because it’s a product that doesn’t need technical specialists to help extend it. We see this in organizations with departments such as marketing and HR being able to get to grips on a product like LiveTiles, to start to build out their own separate sites.

The detailed solution is a product like LiveTiles because it can be reused much further throughout the organization. It can create a whole host of digital workplaces so that everybody gets more value from their investment in Office 365. As a true product company, we enable many more people to be able to use it and therefore make use of their existing IT initiatives.

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