Our Top 10 Trends for your 2020 Digital Workplace!

2020 will be a huge year for the digital and intelligent workplace. There are amazing opportunities to transform the digital employee experience that will make a tangible difference to organisations and make the working day that bit easier for every individual employee. 

Planning for 2020

When making plans 2020 digital workplace projects and initiatives it’s important to think about the bigger picture. What are the high-level and the more specific trends that will impact your programme of work for the year ahead? Where are the opportunities to make a real difference? What are the challenges we may face? The world of digital and intelligent workplaces and how employees experience them is evolving at a frenetic pace so keeping apace of current trends has real value.

Here at LiveTiles we help businesses and organisations to plan digital workplace strategies for a more intelligent workplace and we’ve collected our view of the top ten trends to watch for in 2020. The e-book is free to download now.  

This is an essential guide to:

  • Help your team get thinking about what to focus on in 2020
  • Enable conversations with your stakeholders
  • Help you draft your actual strategy and plan of action
  • Put more detail on the plans you’re already made.

What’s in the e-book?

As well as our top ten trends, we also include a handy checklist with specific questions for digital workplace teams to consider that can help as starting points for discussions or for your 2020 planning.

And at the core of the e-book are our top ten digital workplace trends, all explored in more detail with some references to other useful information.

Here’s a sneak peek of our view of the top ten digital workplace trends for 2020.

The digital workplace is growing in strategic importance.

Organisations continue to recognise the importance of the digital workplace as a strategic investment impacting everything from efficiency through engagement, as well as an enabler of digital transformation.

AI and automation are now touching everyday work.

AI and automation have so much exciting potential. In 2020 the intelligent workplace will become more of a tangible reality as AI touches everyday work processes through content suggestions, chatbots and more.

Digital workplace access for frontline workers is now business-critical.

In the past frontline and deskless employees have been digitally disadvantaged, but now mobile-friendly apps and intranets are now meaning all employees can access digital services and communications, resulting in a range of beneficial outcomes.

The best digital workplaces focus on people.

In 2020 leading organisations will ensure the digital workplace is built around people, with not only strong UX, but also accessibility, data privacy and support for flexible working all cornerstones of the digital workplace experience.

HR teams want to transform the employee lifecycle.

HR teams are taking a growing interest in the intelligent workplace and the way it positively impacts those moments that matter within the employee lifecycle. These include onboarding and career progression, as well as ongoing elements such as health and well-being.

Employees want one access point to the digital workplace.

Information and application overload drive low productivity and increased stress. Employees want just one convenient access point for their digital workplace applications and content. They don’t want multiple places, siloes, and frustrating, fragmented experience.

Community Revival: Teams marches on and a new focus on Yammer.

In 2020 we’re going to see the continuing advance of tools that drive team communication and enhance communities. Microsoft Teams will continue to experience exponential growth, but there will be a renewed interest in Yammer on the back of new investment from Microsoft.

The need for governance across the digital workplace becomes a priority.

As more organisations progress with their digital workplace journey, governance becomes more urgent. Digital workplaces are much wider in scope than intranets and governance is required to deliver the best experience possible.

The intranet continues to evolve and redefine itself.

Intranets have continually redefined themselves. In 2020 this will continue with the move to a more “intelligent workplace” driven by personalisation, better search, and AI. There will also be more functionality to access intranet content from other applications such as MS Teams.

Digital literacy continues to unlock the power of the digital workplace.

Change management is important. Initiatives that help employees navigate the digital workplace by explaining the how and the why of all the digital tools available are key; they support adoption and new ways of working.

Download the e-book!

The e-book 2020 Digital Workplace Trends: Transforming Employee Experience is available for free download. We hope you find the guide to be a valuable resource!

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