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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

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Our Why for Employee Experience: Humanising Digital Workplaces

What does the employer-employee relationship look like in a digital-first, office-less workplace? As hybrid models become the norm, there’s no better time than now to promote greater human connections at work. 

The case for a more ‘human’ way of working

The abrupt shift to remote work has magnified the links between work, health, and overall well-being. The pandemic brought with it an epidemic of stress and burnout, resulting in record numbers of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs. When employees don’t have the right levels of flexibility and work-life balance they feel they need to thrive at work, they risk becoming uninspired, stressed, disconnected, and dissatisfied

As leaders seek to transform the remote and hybrid-work experience, they face the challenges of meeting people’s changing wants and needs. Today’s workers expect their jobs to be more than a paycheck, and they seek and stay with those that provide value and purpose at work. To design more human-centered workplaces, organizations must be more caring, inclusive, empathetic, and empowering.

Future-proofing hybrid employee experiences

At LiveTiles, our mission is to inspire employee experiences that move people away from languishing and towards flourishing. And we do that by going beyond technology — to put people first.

Our approach to EX and hybrid work is intentional — we understand the challenges and take steps to bridge the gaps in the digital workplace. It’s about gaining deeper insights into how people really feel about the new remote work setup. 

As the boundaries between work and home life are becoming increasingly blurred, it’s more difficult to build a sense of belonging in the workplace. How can organizations ensure that their workplace practices set every employee up for success?

Here’s where digital collaboration technologies prove invaluable in helping organizations value people’s time and support well-being. We help organizations embed communications into the employee experience through digital tools that empower employees rather than overwhelm them. 

Besides providing a more integrated and seamless experience, these digital tools also nurture trust and empathy in the workplace. Leaders can use these tools to promote open communication and collaboration, and actively encourage employee feedback.

Plus, digital tools also unlock human potential. By harnessing digital tools, leaders and workers can listen to each other more and come together at moments that matter. That way, they can create a more sustainable definition of hybrid work success — one that focuses on empathy, resilience, and outcomes rather than face time and work hours. 

Enhancing human connections in a hybrid workplace

Adding and preserving the human dimension in a fast-changing hybrid work environment goes a long way towards achieving a happier, more engaged, and more resilient workforce. To boost EX in the hybrid world, organizations must go beyond profit and productivity. It’s about building trust and empathy into the workplace culture — wherever the workplace may be. 

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