Product Release Notes 11 May 2016

Twitter Slider Tile (New Feature)

In this release we have introduced a new way to view the Twitter feed. In a similar style to the existing Yammer slider tile, this feature will allow the user to place the slider tile on the page, and when a user selects the tile, the feed will appear from the side of the page. In order for users to change the feed that is being displayed, users will need to get the twitter ID/username from the feed that they would like to display.

Page Export and Import (New Feature)

One of the more requested features that we have been asked for is the ability to import and export pages from other LiveTiles Design sites and tenants. With this update, we have included the ability to import/export pages from LiveTiles Design. In order to use this feature, for a user to export, the user will need to go to the Save As button, and the user will be shown an option to export. This will download the page as a JSON file. To import, the user will need to go to the create tab on the LiveTiles Design Landing page, and next to blank responsive will be the option to upload a LiveTiles JSON page file.

Default Color Palettes for Tiles (Improvements)

Our tiles have received a face lift. The default colors for tiles offer a more aesthetically pleasing experience with defaults ranging from dark grey to light aqua to dark aqua. Collaborative tiles like Delve, Yammer, and OneDrive are all the same shade of blue now. Workflow Task Alert now has various shades of blue to help categorize work items in a better way.

Add Another Link Target Type to My List for List Items (Improvements)

My List Tile and Schedule List Tile now have the functionality to have the list item click behavior modified. Originally, only the title of these tiles would have the click target enabled to be modified. Now list items can be set to Modal, Slide, In Place, and New Window.

Tile Config Validator Error Messages Still Save Invalid Modifications (Bug Fix)

When invalid paths were entered in tiles like the Documents Tile, clicking OK would give an error message about the invalid path. Instead of returning the path to the previous setting, it would keep the incorrect path. This has been fixed.

Logo Aesthetic (Bug Fix)

In Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 and 11, the LiveTiles Design logo and the Livetiles logo within the designer were being stretched and displayed incorrectly.  This has been fixed, giving each instance of the logo the correct resolution.

Single Check Boxes Should Properly Align with Their Labels (Bug Fix)

In tile settings where a check box is present, the text used to be misaligned with the check box.  The check boxes have now been vertically aligned with labels. This functionality works for all browsers except for Internet Explorer 9.

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The Business Case for Employee Retention

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