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Product Release Notes April 13

LiveTiles is moving towards a Wednesday release schedule (Thursday for Asia Pacific) for updates in the product. This means that every second Wednesday we will be releasing an update of LiveTiles Design V4.

This week we will also be releasing the following new features in the product:

1. Giphy Tile: LiveTiles are injecting fun into the workplace by introducing the Giphy tile which gives you an endless supply of humorous and random GIFS! A great way to brighten up your digital workplace on a Friday afternoon. You will find it in the media category which allows page designers to add random GIFS by simply adding keywords into the configure area. Refresh and a new GIF will be shown based on Giphy’s search. TIP: Click the Giphy logo in the bottom right hand corner will load a new GIF as well. Not sure what Giphy is – check out www.giphy.com

2. Font Selection Improvements: one of the most requested features was the ability to apply font styles to entire pages. Users can now apply fonts to an entire page from the page settings. In addition, we have removed a lot of the fonts and have limited the selectable fonts to a few groups. Users can now see how these fonts look before selecting them. In addition, if a user wants to use a custom font, the user simply chooses “custom” and enters in their own font. Should a user want to use a different font than the page selected font, the user has the option to override this option by selecting override font on the tile.

3. User walkthrough: In order to help new users understand the product, they will be given a tour of the product including the features of both the fixed width and responsive canvas as well as the landing page. Note: this feature uses local browser storage and, as such, will trigger whenever the page designer uses LiveTiles in a new browser.

BUG Fixes

1. Previously, when a tile was shrunk to a certain width, there would appear two context menus instead of just the one. With this release, this has been fixed so that only one context menu is show on tiles.

2. Originally when the page settings of the canvas were set smaller (eg 600 px on a 1920 x 1080 screen), dropping a tile on the screen would make the tile shift to the right a distance proportional to the gap around the frame. That has been fixed, causing tiles to land close to the curser if dropped outside the canvas, or on the cursor.

3. On the embed rectangle tile, when this was opened in the framed modal window, the OK and cancel dialog options were still visible and as such have had no purpose and were inconsistent with other framed tiles in the product. In this update, these options have been removed to keep consistency with the product.

4. Previously, certain tiles within the product did not have proper image scaling. These include tiles such as the video tile, the news tile and the card slider. With this update, this issue has been fixed to allow for image scaling.

5. Previously, when using Internet Explorer browsers, the X for the modal window would cut out, either making the X look strange or the user being unable to close the page due to the X being either missing or incomplete. This has been fixed.

6. One of the issues with web parts was that when you selected the choose web part, when clicking on the checkbox, the highlight on the mouse couldn’t be removed. This has been fixed.

7. In addition to the above bug, when duplicating the web part, it would keep the ID of the original tile and the page could not be saved. This has been rectified—the new tile will now have a different ID.

8. Previously, the schedule list tile would only load the sample list that had come with LiveTiles. This meant that users would not be able to use the schedule list outside of this. With this update, this has been fixed, allowing users to use the appropriate lists.

9. When using the webpart, two web parts that came OOTB with sharepoint (the timeline and project summary web parts) would not work and/or would cause issues with the page. With this update, these have been fixed so that they work within the page.

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