Product Release Notes April 28


Product Release Notes: LiveTiles Design V4 (Apr/May 2016)

This week’s release: 2 new features, 1 feature improvement, 5 bug fixes.

New Feature #1: Document Lists

In this release of LiveTiles Design, we are introducing a new overlay to the backend of SharePoint. Previously, when a user viewed a document via LiveTiles, the user would be taken to the old document library in SharePoint. This would take the user out of LiveTiles, causing a break in the overall experience.

For the new document list experience we have combined two views, both a list style view and a card style view. Users also have the ability to change the header and header text colours.

In the list view the user will be able to click on the favicon next to the document selected, see the options that are available, including manage, share and delete.

In card view, users are shown a card which has information about the document. This includes the same information in the list view. The user can select the options by clicking the favicon icon which is located in the bottom right corner. When this is opened up, the user can share, manage or delete.

Up in the top right corner, users have the ability to swap between the two modes. To indicate which mode is the current mode, the icon is coloured teal. By clicking on the non-highlighted colour, the user will be taken to the new style. From these icons, the user will be able to swap between both easily.

In addition, in the top right corner, the user will have the ability to search the folders by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and search the library for a particular document. Moreover, the user can click on the plus sign to show extra features, including the ability to add new folders.

Users will also be able to traverse their document list by being able to click on the breadcrumb link shown in the title. When a user would like to move back through the document list (should they have traversed through it using the folders built into it), the user will be able to do this by clicking on the name of the folder that they would like to go back to.

Users will also be able to upload new documents via two methods. The first is the upload new document button which is visible at the top of the list. This allows the user to browse their computer and upload multiple files. The second option is the ability to drag and drop files into the same section on the page which will be highlighted on the page. While documents are being uploaded, a loading symbol will be shown: when complete, users will be able to upload more documents.

In order for users to be able to have access to the document list pages, users will need to update their version of LiveTiles Design. In order to do this, users will need to go into their site contents to the LiveTiles Design Manager. Once they have clicked on the Design Manager, they will be taken to the install screen which will ask them to install LiveTiles Design. This will install the files into the tenant allowing users access to the new document list pages.

Once the LiveTiles Design Manager has been updated, users will need to go into the LiveTiles Design Manager and click on update. This will have a new section which will check that the new document page has been added to the product. This will install the new document pages onto the site. When loaded it will prompt the user to put in their license key again. Once this has been completed,

LiveTiles Design will now have access to document pages across the entire site where the app has been installed.

If you would like to use the document library that is still used by SharePoint, you will be able to deactivate this feature from the tile which you are accessing the document list page from. Simply go to links and deselect the use LiveTiles View option.

If a user would like to access the list pages using a non-documents tile (ie. a rectangle tile or a morphing tile), a user will be able to open up the list by manually putting in the URL which points to the document list page in the link section.

The URL to link to list pages is the following:


In addition, users will be able to add in special query parameters by appending them to the end of the above URL ie. &viewTitle=SomeSpecialView

The following table shows you how to fill out the above URL as well as the special query parameters that are accepted when using this method to point to the list:,%2020,%20138)&activeColor=rgb(103,%2020,%20138)&viewTitle=Case%20Studies


New Feature #2: metatag – upgrade-insecure-requests: make optional in page settings

This update makes the metatag “” optional.

Feature Improvement: RSS Feed Tile Font Options Added

The RSS Feed tile has been given an improvement. Now the font of the title, time stamps, and body can be independently customized, allowing for different styling opportunities. Text color can now be changed, along with the size, type of font, styles, and weight.

Bug Fixes:

1. Clean up of CSS so that designer styles (e.g. pink anchors) don’t apply to end-user pages:

We removed the CSS that was applying pink colors to anchor tags in pages created with LiveTiles Design.

2. Cancelling Page Template Create Shows Error Dialog:

Previously, when using the save as for a page or template and hitting cancel, an error message would appear. This error message has been removed.

3. Yammer Slide Tile – Slide Setting Issue:

When using the Yammer Slide Tile, previously it would only slide from the left to right. This would occur even when the settings were set for it to slide right. With this fix, the tile will slide from right to left when set as right, and left to right when set as left.

4. Viewport Meta Tag for Mobile in Responsive Pages:

In responsive pages, phones would display saved pages scaled down to a desktop size. This fix allows mobile to display correctly in responsive pages.

5. Bug: Web Part Tile – Permissions Error:

Previously, on the Add Web Part Tile, when permissions are applied in a way that a user who isn’t eligible views the page, the tile doesn’t display for the users without permission as expected. However, the Add Web Part button and the documents still display unconstrained at the bottom of the page. This has been fixed, and users outside of the tile’s permissions will no longer be able to see contents of the tile below.

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