LiveTiles SharePoint Product Release Notes: Pissarro 1

New feature

Office 365 Groups tile A new tile that displays the Office 365 Groups that you have joined in a list view. Clicking on a group will open it.


Add option to limit width on row We introduced the ability to set the row width. This allows you to limit the width of a row instead of using the default full-width.
Add WorkPhone field as an option in User Profile tile The User Profile tile has been updated with the ability to display WorkPhone instead of just HomePhone and CellPhone. This now also allows mapping of a synced property from Active Directory in the form of AD’s “telephoneNumber” mapping to WorkPhone.
Saved templates and tiles management in SharePoint The landing page’s saved tiles and templates has been updated to use the new media picker to align with the look and feel of recent updates elsewhere in the product.

Bug fixes

Documents tile – Nano scrollbar disappears when wubfolder is navigated We have fixed a bug on the Documents tile where the nano scrollbar disappears when a subfolder is navigated to. This now works as expected.
Documents tile refresh – Clicking on a modal within a subfolder refreshes to root The Documents tile had a bug where clicking on an item that opens a modal window in a subfolder would return the tile to the root folder when the modal window was closed. This now works as expected.
Cloud header logo – attempt to delete the file fails When you attempted to delete the file that was used as the header logo, an unhelpful error would be displayed. This bug has now been corrected by:

1.      Not allowing an image to be deleted if it is currently used as the header.

2.      Added “Remove Image” to the Manage Account section that will allow you to remove the image from the header, while still keeping it in the media library. It can then be deleted.

Documents tile – Link items (.url) nested in other folders cause download on click action The Documents tile had a bug when trying to open a .url (link items) in a document library outside of the root folder. Clicking on these items would result in downloading the item instead of opening it. This has now been fixed to properly open any .url items, regardless of where it sits.
Documents tile – Upload defaults to root We fixed a bug in the Documents tile that defaulted to uploading a document into the root folder, even if you were in a subfolder.


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