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New LiveTiles Analytics: Ultra-level Visibility and Insight into Your Audience’s Needs

Over the years, we’ve had loads of innovative ideas along the way. Now, we’re excited to officially roll out even more new features that will change the way you get insights into your audience’s needs—the brand-new LiveTiles Analytics. 

With Reach, we’ve already got analytics that provides basic metrics and data points for how people use the Reach environment. These include breakdowns of users by language and users by app type. This data goes into more detail about the actual content—views of content, the number of articles, likes, and comments.

While these basic features provide information about how people interact with the content, there is a bigger question around analytics and a more significant opportunity to go deeper. Instead of just seeing the numbers on a page, the new features will help you understand what they mean.

Get the Most Out of Your Reach Content

Now the analytics dashboards make it easier to drill into a more detailed analysis of your content and find out what’s working and what needs improvement. A whole range of things is built into its core functionality around filtering and searchability. You can now click on any graph and filter it to show the data that’s relevant to your needs. You can also export data in various formats and share or download it.

LiveTiles Analytics - Internal Communications

Content management is easier with the overview or engagement dashboard which lets you see activity focused on the content over the last 12 months.

The data shows how people interact with the content, rather than just how much content was published—Read rate, Engagement rate by reach ERR, and Engagement rate by active users ERA are all visible. It indicates whether the engagement is going well.

  • User’s Desired State

    For instance, if
    there’s a new product article with 100 users in the target audience, you send them an email with a link to the content. In the funnel chart, you can see how many from the target audience were notified, and how many read and engaged with the article. It would be important to know if the number is good or bad, and what you can do to improve it. This gives valuable insight into whether your messaging was successful in attracting readers.   

Livetiles Analytics User Desired Data

  • Popular Search Terms

    Knowing what users are looking for is an underrated power. When you put together a product roadmap or plan future features, you’ll be able to address aspects that are important to your users—and avoid wasting time on features that don’t resonate. This is an exciting step forward in letting you have more control over your content strategy.
  • User’s Preferred Language and Article’s Language

    This allows you to see which languages popular and which ones aren’t. You can then use this information to publish content in the language that most users want. If you know there’s a high demand for the French language, you know it’s worth publishing an article in French. C’est la vie!

  • Scrolling Behavior and Article Completion

    Did someone read the whole thing, or did they just open it and then close it again?

    Tracking whether someone read an article to the bottom would give you more context about your audience’s behavior and interest. This helps you understand your readers’ preferred writing style, what topics resonate with them, and whether you should write longer or shorter pieces.

  • User Adoption and Retention

    This is more for the owners of the Reach environment, like administrators. You can keep track of how many people have signed up and logged in to Reach as compared to the total number invited, as well as how often they’re using it.Livetiles Analytics User AdoptionThis can help you decide how to approach Reach users, or for keeping them engaged with it on a regular basis.

Expanding the Analytics in LiveTiles

In the long run, these new analytics will be integrated into other products. Next, we will implement it on the Intranet. 

Our goal is to enhance the dashboard so that it can display how users are interacting within Reach. This will be relevant for administrators to understand why a particular functionality isn’t being utilized. We can also extend help so that Reach will be used in line with the employee’s expectations. 

We know that access to all this information is an integral part of making decisions about how you serve your audience, so we’re thrilled that this update will make it easier. Stay tuned for more exciting Reach product updates. To learn more, contact us! 

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