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Automated Employee Directory

Automate the collection and maintenance of Employee Directory profile data

LiveTiles Directory continuously monitors your environment to ensure consistency and compliance as your organization changes. The service understands what profile information is missing or incorrect and the Directory bot will actively communicate with employees to collect and validate their profile. LiveTiles Directory removes the need for manual profile data entry and frees up IT and HR staff to focus on more important work.

Let our Bot do the Hard Work

Employ the Directory bot to automatically collect and validate profile data.

The Directory bot personalizes its communications to let each employee know what information is missing or incomplete in their profile and directs them to the profile page to quickly and easily update it.

profile validation request
Hyperbot LiveTiles

Tailor the Directory bot's personality

You can configure the name of your Directory bot, its personality (relaxed, standard, formal, or custom) and the email from: address.

Customize the content of each of the emails sent by your Directory bot with easy to use email templates.

Control how often the Directory bot service communicates with your employees and how many times it makes contact.

Use Modes to Support your Roll Out

Don’t want to roll out the Directory bot to your entire organization at the same time? Don’t worry.

It’s simple to go from analyzing your directory, to running a pilot with a subset of users, to being in full run mode, updating and collecting profile information from the whole company.

Directory pilot mode

Analyze, Pilot, then Run


Analyze the health of your employee profiles by looking at the completion percentages of profile attributes across your organization. Identify key attributes you would like to collect.


Launch a pilot of LiveTiles Directory with select group of users, to define the key attributes that are important for your organization, the attribute rules and required approvals


Move to Run mode when you are ready to launch LiveTiles Directory to your entire organization and realize automated employee profiles.

It empowers the employees to take control of their profile. Essentially, crowdsourcing the upkeep of personal data, and removing the mundane burden from IT, but still with boundaries and controls.

The Bot Keeps Profiles Accurate

The Directory bot will reach out to employees on a regular basis (defined by you) and ask them to confirm or update their profile information across systems managed by the LiveTiles Employee Directory.

These systems can include Active Directory, SharePoint User Profiles, Dynamics 365, Workday, PeopleSoft, and other ERP and HRM systems where profile information is stored.

If the employee does not confirm the profile validation email, the Directory bot will persist in its outreach until the information is confirmed.

Validate profile information
Automated employee directory content screen example of third part integrations

Pull information from third-party systems

Organizations often have profile information stored in other information storage systems and want this data available across all their Office experiences.

Employ our scheduled import function to pull profile information from systems such as Peoplesoft or Workday via a file export and import it into other integrated profile information systems.

For example, Job Title, Manager, and Department can be pulled from an HRMS and updated in Active Directory so that Office contact cards are populated.

Accurate Employee Profiles

LiveTiles Directory not only ensures profile information is complete, but also makes sure it aligns with the defined attribute rules.

Personalize the Experience

User collections allows you to capture the most relevant profile information from different parts of your organization.

Integrate with other systems

With our Integration Framework, LiveTiles Directory can update other systems of record.

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