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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

LiveTiles Directory User Experience

Maintaining your profile information and finding the right people has never been easier

LiveTiles Directory make it simple for employees to keep their profile up to date, as well as find and connect to the right people and expertise across the organization.

The Profile, Live Directory, and Organizational Chart solution surface accurate employee information gathered by the Directory Bot from your employees. Each experience can be surfaced in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, in intranets outside of Microsoft 365, and a web page that’s part of your service. 

Directory Webparts screen example

Collect & Display Custom Profile Attributes

See everything from standard profile attributes to custom information about peoples’ experience, interest, and skills. LiveTiles Directory helps employees to discover and connect to the experts in your organization.

Seamless experience that matches your brand

You can choose how and where the Live Directory appears within SharePoint, Teams, or your intranet, creating a seamless user experience.  The Directory solutions inherit your selected styles (CSS), ensuring the color and fonts match your established intranet style.

Classic & modern

It doesn’t matter what SharePoint pages your internet is built on; our Directory solutions work in both classic and modern pages. You can even use a code snippet to embed them into an intranet outside of Microsoft 365.

Employee Directory

Update your profile from a single click

Our Profile Update experience makes it clear what information is missing and inaccurate. Employees can quickly and easily update their profile with a Wizard like experience where they are working in Teams, SharePoint, or your own Intranet.

The profile update experience works in combination with the LiveTiles Directory Bot which reaches out to employees and automate the collection of profile information.

update profile data
Directory on mobile screenshot from LiveTiles

Profile updates on the go

With a growing remote workforce, it’s important that users can update their profile information and approvers can approve updates from mobile devices.

The magic links in our emails allow employees to launch directly into the profile page without signing in. This reduces the friction for your users to update their profile information and administrators to manage the service.

Delivering a high quality and interactive customer experience both internally and externally is foundational for Extreme Networks. LiveTiles Directory has enabled us to simplify the process of publishing and maintaining employee data and photos for our global company.

Easily Find the Right People

Easily find the right people

Your employees can search for people knowing that data will be up to date and accurate. Our Live Directory brings together employee information into an easy to search experience in Microsoft 365, Teams, and other intranet platforms.

The directory works in conjunction with our Directory bot to ensure your employee information is always accurate.


Narrow down search results with advanced filters

Our Live Directory solution enables you to apply multiple filters to quickly find exactly who you need.

Find the right people in the organization based on, for example, skills, expertise, team, or location. Any attribute being collected and managed by the service can be utilized as a filter on the Live Directory to perform searches.

The employee profile cards can be configured by you to display the most important information, right where people want it.

directory filters
Directory profile search screenshot from LiveTiles

Real time search across all systems

The Live Directory searches over employee profiles – directly from the information’s source, not from an out of date search index. Changes in your directory are immediately reflected and searchable by everyone.

Find the right person or expertise regardless of where the information is stored. Through our Integration Framework you can connect all systems where employee information lives, including your HRIS. 

Explore your complete Org Chart

Our Org Chart works in conjunction with the Directory Bot, ensuring employee profiles and relationships are always up to date as your company grows and changes.

Create visibility into all the divisions, teams, and people that make up your company and make it simple to learn and collaborate across the entire organization. The number of reports for each employee will be reflected as a number on their profile picture and clicking on their profile will expand the org chart to display their direct reports.

Lightning fast access to profile information

The Org Chart is fast and responsive allowing employees to dive into all parts of the company by expanding or collapsing reporting relationships.

Hovering over people will immediately display their name, title and department, and gives the ability to jump into that employee’s full profile details.

Customize to match your needs

The Organization Chart can be configured to show different parts of your organization. Zoom settings and display options can be customized too.

Display the Org Chart as many times and in different configurations as you desire i.e. display a specific department’s org chart on their relevant intranet or Teams page.

Organisation chart settings

Complete & up-to-date

The Organizational Chart is supported by your LiveTiles Directory service, ensuring that employee information is consistently complete and up to date without manual entry required.

Through our Integration Framework, you can connect all your systems where employee information lives, including your HRIS. The Org Chart searches over employee profiles—directly from the information’s source.

Promote your experts

Enable people to share their skills and expertise.

Built for Microsoft 365

Our LiveTiles Directory Experiences are built to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365

Quick People Search

Accurate employee profiles mean less time wasted on employee search and more time collaborating

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