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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

Intranet Content Manager Tools

Intranet news and publishing is made easy with LiveTiles Intranet content manager tools

Stay in the loop with an aggregated stream of news. Bring information together from relevant sources and help employees stay informed with a clear overview of relevant news.

Intranet content manager tools for news publishing

LiveTiles Intranet News Engine

From Twitter, Instagram, and RSS feeds to peer-to-peer messages and global and local company news, the news engine is where all news and information is created and distributed in a personalized news aggregation point. 

News can be surfaced on any SharePoint page or from the LiveTiles Everywhere panel assistant where it can be delivered in whatever app people are working in. 

Employ the intuitive news editor for peer-to-peer communication and use the integration features to create an aggregated stream of news from all relevant sources.

  • Enable peer-to-peer messaging by allowing users to create news using the intuitive news editor
  • Surface organizational news to the newsfeed, enable users to consume relevant news from one place
  • Employ the news engine REST endpoint to include information from other systems into the feed
  • Connect with external or internal RSS feeds and monitor Microsoft 365 video channels to automatically create video news when published
  • Create newsfeeds for different types of communication
LiveTiles Enterprise Intranet News Room screen example
LiveTiles Enterprise Intranet communication tool example

Peer-to-peer internal communications

Share information with all relevant employees and reduce mass email messages

By employing LiveTiles’ news engine for peer-to-peer messaging, you offer editors and end users an intuitive experience that makes writing, commenting, and reading news available to everyone in your organization.
Users click to create news and select the channel/s to distribute it. The intuitive news editor guides users through the creation process and enables the use of video and images. The news is published and featured in the newsfeed to subscribed users.

On our former intranet, we could push out information to the stores, but the communication went one-way, from headquarter to stores. With our current intranet, we have opened the dialogue.

Intranet content manager tools advanced features

Refined news communication features for a sophisticated editor and state-of-the-art news consumption experience.

Scheduled publishing and expiration

Control when news goes live and when it will expire. Produce news in line with your work routines and schedule down to the minute.

Deliver news in local languages

Easily translate news into different languages when creating a news item, automatically translate to users in their preferred language.


Like, comment, share. Give users the ability to interact with news, communications and content.

Publish news on behalf of other users

Enable content authors to publish news on behalf of other employees. With this feature, you can delegate news writing to selected content creators and free up time for staff too busy to write intranet news.

News branding

Present news in an easily digestible list, highlight stories with banner imagery. Choose from a selection of designs to adjust the look and feel of the newsfeed.


Get an instant overview of message and news consumption, subscribers, active readers and authors. Continuously evaluate and improve news content based on data.
intranet content manager tools screen
News targeting

Intranet News Targeting

The advanced targeting tool allows you to target news to departments, locations, language preferences, and customer groups. 

Target news by news channels

The intranet administrator creates a selection of news channels and decides which group/s of users will be granted permissions to post and receive news from these channels.

Enable a balance of chosen and mandatory news

Strike the balance between “mandatory” and “freedom of choice”. The built-in subscription management system allows for administrators to create mandatory channels and non-mandatory channels for users to choose from.

Email notifications

Users can be notified by email when news arrives hot off the press.

Customized intranet news feed

Users can customize the feed of news by selecting which news channels to follow, and whether to view “all” news or “unread” news.

Publish internal news

Inform employees and co-workers about important corporate news, upcoming company events and HR communications.

Content Manager Tools

Make updating and governing content easy with LiveTiles Intranet and the included, intranet content manager tools.

Inform and communicate

Ensure the right people see relevant information and decrease communication noise by targeting specific people, departments or groups on your intranet.

Corporate News

Present beautiful top-down news

Leverage SharePoint’s news publishing features and create beautiful company news in SharePoint pages.

LiveTiles Corporate News module benefits from all SharePoint’s news publishing features, adds some extra finesse, and allows you to bring news from across all sites together to the user in one news feed.  Feature news on the home page or in LiveTiles’ Everywhere Panel across SharePoint and MS Teams.

Targeted communication

Target news to users on a certain location, in a certain department, or with certain language preferences.

Language support

Editors can publish the same news in multiple languages and enable users to read news in their native tongue.

Feature related content

Tag news with predefined tags to feature related news and content. Making it easy for employees to find relevant information without stress.

LiveTiles content meta data engine

Trust LiveTiles’ metadata engine to apply relevant data as author, and by adding a news date on all news

  • Apply scheduling and review flows, if needed, to govern internal news communication
  • Use web parts to highlight Corporate News from across sites e.g. on the intranet front page
  • Easily adjust look and feel with different web part designs
  • Employ the news archive to let users find news by search and filtering

Page Review date

Keep track of intranet content​

The Page Review module supports LiveTiles’ content governance model by applying audit dates to pages created in your intranet. This way, pages are born with a plan to stay up to date. 

Automatically applied audit date

When a new page is created, an audit date is automatically applied to the page. The date can be manually changed by the editor.

Email notifications to editors

Editors are notified by email if content is up for review three weeks, one week, and, ultimately, one day before date of audit.
LiveTiles Intranet replace page contacts screen example

Replace Page Contacts

Efficient governance of page contact information

All pages in your LiveTiles intranet will have an associated contact.

This contact can be featured on the page for users to turn to with inquiries about the subject of the page. This contact can be a specific employee, a team, or department.

In situations where employees change position or jobs, or the organization is reorganized, the Replace Page Contacts module helps intranet admins change contact settings for several pages with a single move.

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