Health and Wellness at Work with LiveTiles Vibe

Understand employee feelings, workplace engagement,
health and wellness. Create positive change with the data collected.

Vibe lets you gauge employee sentiment by sending super simple staff check-ins that can be completed in seconds. Get to know your people and discover when to take action to support staff wellbeing.

What is LiveTiles Vibe and how does it help with employee health and wellness at work?

LiveTiles Vibe offer you tools to survey employees for a better and continuous understanding of people’s general wellbeing.

Enable people to freely voice their opinion with anonymous, yet detailed answers.

Wellness check-in

Transform discussions of wellness into an active and intrinsic part of work, supporting staff to be happier and healthier at both work and home.

Proactive wellness bot checking in on employees throughout the day.

Support and drive awareness to internal wellbeing initiatives and programs. Track employees’ mental state and moods.

Experience surveys

Leverage pre-built, best practice surveys to stay up-to date with each employee’s experience to better support and engage the workforce.

Feedback and improvement assessment

Collect employee responses via the Feedback Loop tool and leverage the insights to help drive improved practices and behaviors while defusing concerns or issues.

Health and wellness data collection

Take advantage of Vibe’s simple and engaging interface to get data on any subject.

Response rates are likely to be very high as it literally takes less than a minute to send your response via Vibe.

Reach people working remotely

Accessible from MS Teams, staff working in the office, at home, or in the field can all contribute information during the workday, letting you gather data on how employees are feeling in the moment you send out the survey.

Messages and notifications

Prompt employees with notifications and messages to increase response rate.

Trends and tracking health and wellness

Track trends in employees’ wellness or engagement over time to understand and document the effect of initiatives or events.

Get answer on any question

Use Vibe creatively to get insights on any question you might have.

Easy administration

Launch new check-ins in minutes by intuitively creating surveys from pre-made, best practice templates.

Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.

Greg Anderson

Employee wellbeing

According to SnackNation, employee wellbeing can be described as, ‘Specifically, employee wellbeing is about how your job – your duties, expectations, stress level, and environment – affects your overall health and happiness’ (SnackNation).

Adding to the equation, employers need to consider emotional intelligence as a means to understand  employee health and wellbeing at work. This, at times, can prove difficult for workers to talk about, but also for managers to understand. 

Using a digital tool can solve some of the no talk and no listen issues that arise in work places. It enables people outside of your department to also gauge the work health for all employees. 

LiveTiles Enterprise Intranet News Room screen example

Employee Wellbeing and LiveTiles Vibe

LiveTiles VP of People & Experience, Vanessa Fergusson, explains the idea behind LiveTiles Vibe and how it has become an integral part of checking on the health and wellbeing of employees during trying times. 

Health and wellness at work

Understanding health and wellness at work not only helps you take care of employees, it also makes your workplace a great place

Review and act on the data collected

Collecting data enables you to implement change in the workplace and gives you insights to underlining issues that need to be resolved

Keeping a finger on the company pulse

once you do your initial review, LiveTiles Vibe gives you a way to keep your finger on the workplace pulse

Resources for health and wellbeing in the workplace

You can find resources, such as podcasts and webinar recordings, in relation to health and wellness in the workplace below.

The Intelligent Workplace Podcast: Ep. 25 – Devastation, deep-thought & self-love: A Mindfulness journey. With Author & Mindfulness Expert, Nina Purewal.

Part 2 –  The Intelligent Workplace Podcast: Ep. 25 Author & Mindfulness Expert, Nina Purewal, finishes up her podcast with Chris Lukianenko.

With employees working in isolation from their home, employee health and well-being is a serious issue for companies. Have a listen to Peter Ngyuen-Brown and Nina Purewal.

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