Online Meetings Capture Solution with LiveTiles Smart Videos

The world's first intelligent capture solution for online meetings

Search recorded video meetings and view only relevant segments. Instantly assemble and share from within video files. Receive curated video meeting updates on selected topics

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Introducing Smart Videos

LiveTiles Smart Videos is a tool to record online meetings and index video meetings

With thousands of online meetings being recorded daily, Smart Videos enables you to extract the information and IP from video meetings without having to scour hours of recorded content.

Find important information for your online meetings quickly

What if you could skip the time-consuming irrelevant details and get straight to the stuff that really matters in your online meetings?

A recent generational shift to remote working has led to billions of video meeting minutes happening each day, millions of which are being recorded.

Few of these meetings are ever resurfaced and watched back by employees, leaving significant amounts of business knowledge locked up within these recordings, never to be watched again. 



Personalized, curated
videos in seconds

Smart Meeting is changing the way organisations see online meetings and the knowledge and data held within them.

No need to trawl through archives or watch full recordings to access critical information missed from previous meetings. These can be automatically produced and inserted into workflows or business processes within seconds.

  • Drive greater productivity and efficiency – unlock recorded video meetings, resurface the assets within and make them accessible to users in short video files
  • Search a recorded meeting by criteria – caption, topic, participants or meeting owner – and be immediately presented with a newly curated video to watch and share


Transform static video files into flexible blocks of data

Retrieve video content in an instant

Instantly give employees the exact content they are looking for in videos. Our Smart Videos technology enables you to search for content across any video stream or catalog and filter down to find just the information you are looking for. 

Smart Videos converts static video content into dynamic, interactive bits of content that can be tagged, indexed, and easily found by search. Our LiveTiles Smart Videos technology exposes video data and indexes every clip to enable advanced search across videos.

Record online meetings

Record online meetings in their raw format to make sure details are not missed.

Sort through recorded content

Sort through online meetings and extract information that can be easily digested and shared

Online meetings done smarter

Take the guesswork out of meeting recordings and create palatable content while keeping a record of notes.

Online Meetings with LiveTiles Smart Meetings screen example

LiveTiles Smart Videos explained

Find relevant video content in seconds

Free up time spent trawling through videos to find the information you are looking for. With advanced search capabilities you can have hyper-relevant content delivered to you in seconds. 

Generate hyper-relevant, personalized videos

Generate videos with exclusively relevant content by letting our LiveTiles Smart Videos technology assemble videos for you based on search terms. LiveTiles Smart Videos will look across your entire stream of online meetings or catalog of videos, instantly assemble clips from different sources, and put together a video for you including only the content relevant for your search.  


Push tailored video streams to subscribers based on preferences by enabling employees to personalize their video stream.

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