Rand 2.0 Product Release Notes, Sept. 28, 2016

This week’s product release features the ability to customize the People Search tile’s display fields in the search results window. We’ve also done a good sweep for bugs, making your experience as clean and clear as possible.


Search people: work & mobile phone To get the most out of our People Search tile, we have introduced the ability to choose which fields you would like displayed on the People Search results. You will be able to choose from the following display fields:

·       Mobile Phone
·       Work Phone
·       Home Phone
·       Work Email
·       Office
·       Location
·       Department
·       Job Title
·       Title

You can select two display fields.

Yammer Slide and Yammer Feed tiles following a hashtag To improve the Yammer experience, we have added in a number of extra options for the Yammer Feed and Yammer Slide tiles. You can now configure the tiles to display a specific user’s feed, a topic, or the My Feed (which is a user’s personal feed across all Yammer groups).

In addition, you can also now hide the Yammer header and footer from your displayed feeds.


Bug fixes:

Documents tile permissions – needs edit permissions Edit permissions are no longer required to access the LiveTiles document list display page. However, Read permissions are required.
Yammer Feed tile – font color affects header color instead of text The Yammer Feed tile’s font color settings now changes the text, rather than the header color.
Color picker – able to select color without clicking “Choose” When selecting a color in a tile’s settings, if you clicked outside of the color picker box, it applied the color change. This has been fixed so that you will need to click the “Choose” button to select the color.
News tiles – expired posts are still displayed Items that have expired in their source list no longer show on the News tiles (Card Slider, News List, News tile).
News tile – with two or more News tiles on a page, “Page Indexes” change color across all “News” tiles If you have multiple News tiles on a page, changing the color for page indexes will impact only your selected tile.
Card Slider tile – background color not displaying in Read More Card Slide-out Background color will now display correctly for the read more overlay.
Card Slider – add ability to customize both Title and Body fonts In order to improve the overall experience of the Card Slider, we have introduced the ability to customize both the Title and Body fonts of the Card Slider.
Prevent saving pages with double extensions Previously, you were able to save pages with .aspx in the file name. Creating pages that had .aspx.aspx as its extension caused various issues. Therefore, we have removed the ability to save pages with double extensions.


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