Rand 4.0 Product Release Notes, Oct. 27th, 2016

We’re ending October with a sneaky new feature: the Frameless Modal Dialog window just got some R&R—responsive and resizable. This addition blends right into your user experience, so much that you may not even realize it’s just been added. We’ve also added a couple more improvements and have done this period’s bug sweeping duties to ensure your LiveTiles experience is as crisp as the October air.

New feature:

Frameless Modal Dialog is responsive & resizable The Frameless modal dialog option under a tile’s ‘Links’ settings is resizable. You can now adjust the size in end view by dragging the lower right corner, right or bottom side of the window. When the size is changed, the Frameless modal dialog is automatically centered on the screen.

The Frameless modal dialog is also responsive across all devices now as well. It will also shrink responsively when resizing a browser window.

The exit ‘X’ also snaps inside to fit the view better when there is not enough display space to have it float at the upper right hand corner of the Frameless modal dialog.


Text tile – Expose source code item In the Text tile, you can now toggle between WYSIWYG editing, and editing the html directly with the new Source button. This will make it behave more similarly to the Code Snippet tile (with similar concerns as the Code Snippet tile, wherein you can potentially add bad code in it.)
Ability to add custom class on all tiles, rows and pages You may now add any number of CSS classes to tiles, pages and responsive rows. These can be added from the corresponding option dialogs (under the “Advanced” tabs for tiles and rows, and under the “Custom Code” tab for pages). Multiple classes added to the same tile et al. must be separated by a space, and may not start with “lt-“ or “ltd-”.

Bug fixes:

Responsive canvas – Lists in rows with size differences cause blank lists when resizing The My List, Schedule List, and Documents tiles were not resizing their contents properly when a responsive page was resized, causing certain tiles to display blank when snapping to a different window size breakpoint.
Responsive canvas – Deleting via the delete key directly after dropping a tile causes a deleted row Previously, if you drop a tile into a row, then press the Delete key, it would delete the entire row as well, rather than just the intended tile.

Additionally, tile and row selection are mutually exclusive, so dropping a tile now deselects the row.

Documents tile padding – Padding does not get applied The padding settings of the Documents tile, similar to that of the My List tile, now works properly in the same manner.
Media upload – Cannot upload size greater than 2MB Previously, attempting to upload files via the media picker gave an error when selecting a file bigger than 2MB. We have changed the method of a file upload internally, which removed the 2MB upload limit. There is a theoretical limit of 2GB for uploads now, however, this is limited by browser capabilities (closer to 20MB in practice).

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