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Reach outside the box

With more and more organizations realizing it’s vital to connect with their workers, no matter their role, device or location, employee apps are on the rise.

To help companies choose the right option, leading independent intranet experts ClearBox consultancy have released their Employee Apps report highlighting the features and benefits of each app.

ClearBox takes a firmly people-focused view of technology, making sure to consider what technology will engage users and make their lives easier.

Their report covers 22 communication-focused apps emphasising that “our assessments are independent, balanced, and honest, allowing you to see the functionality and strengths that meet your requirements”.

ClearBox delves deep into every aspect of the employee apps featured, looking at pricing, user-experience, analytics, training required (if any), and more. There are also multiple screenshots for every app so you get a good visual of what you could be using throughout the work day.

ClearBox’s review of LiveTiles Reach

The LiveTiles Employee communication app, which we call LiveTiles Reach, featured in the review with some notable commendations including:

•  Reach rated 9/10 for being ready to use without customization

• Incredible user capacity with largest deployment of Reach so far is 300,000 users

• Both the app and the content can be branded by the customer, strengthening employee and brand advocacy

•   Reach supports all iOS and Android accessibility options

•  Complementary trials are available for not-for-profits and education

•  There are 60 plus languages that can be called upon without cost

ClearBox noted in particular that LiveTiles Reach:

•   “…offer[s] plenty of capability at an attractive price to appeal to large and small organisations alike”. 

•   “Many employee apps work with desktop browsers, but Reach takes this even further.

•   “As well as native mobile apps for iOS and Android, there is a smart watch app for iOS, a Microsoft Teams app, a SharePoint online integration as well as a responsive web app,”.

•  “Other notable features are a people search, which includes profile information such as skills, and an events feature that includes details, registration and feedback.”

Install LiveTiles Reach for Teams

You can install Reach for Microsoft Teams, create a free Reach subscription, and start right away – without any IT footprint. Request trial now.


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