LiveTiles’ newest product lets you remotely read the room

Life has changed a lot recently, especially in relation to employee health.

With so many of us working remotely, we found ourselves wondering, how do we keep those old school workplace connections intact?

After all, it’s hard to chat around the watercooler if there’s no watercooler.

Connection and engagement with staff is so important for happy, productive workers.

We knew that HR and comms professionals particularly would need to take care of their people more than ever, but how?

We knew the solution had to be fast, fun, and effective. And it had to give real insights. We wanted people to feel cared for, and to give managers and leaders the power to enact change.

That’s how LiveTiles Vibe began. It’s a rapid employee health pulse check.

Shorter than a survey, faster than a meeting, and more fun than a text, LiveTiles Vibe is the quickest way to get a team-wide pulse check.

Vibes — simple, interactive cards emailed to employees — can be completed in just seconds. They’re easy to send, fun to receive, and completely secure and confidential.

To ensure HR needs are supported, we engaged workplace psychology experts Human Link to shape the card content.

Whether you’re working from home or back at the office, with LiveTiles Vibe you’re always one click away from knowing how the team is feeling, if your remote culture is thriving, or if you need to make a change.

How it works

Fast, fun and free

It’s simple: select a Vibe from the gallery and instantly send to your team. Colorful and clean design make Vibes easy to read and fun to respond to — it just takes a click.

Valuable insights on employee health

Analytics are delivered directly to your inbox showing information such as total response rates as well as a visual breakdown of all responses.

Private and secure

All data gathered from Vibes is stored securely, so staff can feel comfortable sharing their feelings and opinions honestly and anonymously.

All Vibes have been crafted to specifically gather honest and rapid responses from recipients and have been curated into several categories that span the employee experience.


Amidst health and safety concerns, economic turndowns, and social distancing-induced isolation, teams are feeling unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty personally and professionally.

Wellbeing Vibes specifically gauge employee health and morale, mood, and stress levels with empathy and sensitivity.


Continuously creating safe space with an anonymous feedback loop builds trust and encourages candor. When staff feel heard, valued, and supported by their managers, it boosts productivity and lessens the risk of burnout.

Engagement Vibes reveal how passionate employees are about their work, and the level of trust in the company and leadership.


Staying accountable to company values and creating sustained buy-in around shared purpose is key to building culture and preventing turnover. How firm is team belief that the company fulfils its promise?

Alignment Vibes evaluate how well the company vision, mission and other key messages are resonating.

Designed in partnership with workplace psychology specialists

LiveTiles has partnered with Human Link as content experts in organizational and cultural development.

Human Link specializes in market leading, thought provoking and engaging learning experiences that allow people to explore their internal world, enabling teams and organizations to flourish.


Find out more here.

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