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Rethinking the Digital Workplace

Rethinking the Digital Workplace takes time, but the benefit can change organisations. This is a journey which you and your employees should take together, to make your workplace smarter, more efficient and more engaging. What follows is a proposed framework to rethink your Digital Workplace with a particular emphasis on the importance of involving and collaborating with your employees.

The Basics

Start with the basics. Ask yourself, what problems are there within my organisation, then solve them. Whether your main issue is communication, organisation or any other, your digital transformation journey will lead you to the solution. Speak to your employees, find out what their issues are no matter how small, and find ways to improve these situations, workers who feel like they matter will work better every time. This co-creation with employees needs to continue through roll-out and testing.


Human beings are visual creatures, we care about the aesthetic of the tools we use. The functionality of a screwdriver is of equal importance with how it will look next to the other tools in your toolbox. The same is true for digital tools, we focus on simple design that appeals to users. This step again requires you to communicate with your employees, find out what they do and don’t like and let them help define the solution. Collaboration is key.

Rethinking the digital workplace

IT and Finance

Involve IT and Finance early on. They must be a part of the solution, you must include finance for budgeting your new solutions and future-proofing the transformation journey. IT must be looped in to all things technical to guarantee that your dream solutions can be integrated supported and secured within your organisation’s overall infrastructure.

Process Simplification

Organisations have a habit of over complicating the solutions that they provide. Moving forward we should rethink this, by making our solutions, processes and systems simpler and more intelligent.

Segmenting the Workforce

If we want to improve the employee experience, then we must understand that different jobs create different issues. There is no one size fits all solution that an organisation can implement to magically remove all employee problems in one fell swoop. Instead we segment the workforce; the needs of HR, finance and IT will not look alike, but they are all equally valid. Once we handle these individual issues, we can move on to the overarching issues which affect the company.

Workforce segmentation infographic

Employee Apps

We must start thinking about implementing employee apps in the workplace. The goal is to encourage internal communications and create employee experiences that excel at encouraging employee wellbeing and security.

Let’s Dive Deeper

These are the fundamental steps required to rethink your Digital Workplace. Fill in the form below to go into greater detail on the overall issue of digital transformation and intelligent collaboration, providing specific guidance for each step of the process, and highlighting all of this with customer stories and use-cases.

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