SharePoint 2016 and LiveTiles Team Up For Business Solutions

With an Office 365 download, you can set up a digital workplace over SharePoint for content management and easy collaboration. SharePoint 2016 brings an integrated office suite and cloud-based intranet to a digital workplace. While SharePoint requires training to navigate through for the non-IT professional, LiveTiles provides an out-of-the-box solution with our simple user interface (UI).

SharePoint 2016 and LiveTiles work together to increase collaboration and sharing, along with improvements to increase security and data management. LiveTiles and Microsoft both cater to a wide range of sectors, including enterprise, SMBs, education and nonprofits. Along the same lines, LiveTiles and Microsoft are both committed to continuous product improvement and realignment “to meet the changing needs of the digital workplace” (“SharePoint RTM”).

SharePoint 2016 and LiveTiles Team Up For Business Solutions  Desktop view of a LiveTiles Design intranet

SharePoint 2016 is built around four pillars of improvement:

1. Simple File Sharing

2. Reinventing the Intranet

3. Open Collaboration

4. Security and Privacy for working groups

One of the trends in technology (read our post LiveTiles on Trend With Tech Industry) is that barriers to entry will continue to fall. SharePoint 2016 is keeping up without fundamentally changing the product:

“The platform’s identity as a ubiquitous Swiss-army knife for corporate productivity has not changed.  While the new SharePoint will enable power users and non-developers to produce better looking, mobile productivity solutions, Microsoft has left behind developer kits and mechanisms to continue to allow customization and heavy tailoring that previously allowed many organizations to take their SharePoint environments from meeting 60 percent of the requirements to something closer to 90 percent” (Hannemann).

The LiveTiles product roadmap complements and works in collaboration with SharePoint 2016. LiveTiles Blueprint, for example, is a SharePoint add-in graphical user interface that speeds deployment of information architecture (IA), including pages, list libraries and sub sites. It can be thought of as “IA visualized.” SharePoint provides basic content with new tenants, then Blueprint allows the user to quickly design a hierarchy of sub sites within a site collection, and specifies the lists and pages those sub sites should be built with. LiveTiles Build provides a UI that makes SharePoint user friendly. Using a simple UI, anyone can tell Build what to create out of SharePoint. A series of natural language dialogs create a step-by-step process. Build includes assigning permissions for working groups to make sharing simple. Finally, the sharing of IA is made seamless with LiveTiles Blueprint, and LiveTiles Design allows you to create and tailor beautiful sites.

Organize business applications and make your own customized UX on Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. LiveTiles Design and Blueprint all make use of our user-friendly drag-and-drop features.

The Future of SharePoint 2016 and LiveTiles is one of collaboration, mutual reinforcement and state of the art innovation. We invite you to take advantage of the synergy now available and get the most out of user experience.

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