The Future of SharePoint

Written by: Ameir Abouelela  

Microsoft SharePoint has been making new strides in formulating inspiring ways to streamline collaboration in the Office 365 suite. In the most recent developments from Microsoft there are many different features which have been enhanced to simplify SharePoint functionality, which cover a wide spectrum of SharePoint’s features.

SharePoint has become increasingly engaging and intelligent in its delivery – it is now simpler than ever for users to manage their sites. Users can create sites in 5 seconds, seamlessly publish content and create descriptive public or private groups with the ability to add members.  A key new SharePoint feature announced recently is the future launch of the SharePoint mobile app – meaning that individual users can have remote access to documents and intranet pages anytime, anywhere. These resources give organizations the ability to build optimal business solutions.

The Future of SharePoint


In addition to developing SharePoint itself, new Microsoft applications that connect to and build upon the SharePoint product are providing more solutions to businesses. For example, the Microsoft Flow application provides users with the ability to connect content, data, and logic for more informed workflows. Additionally, the PowerApp application grants users the ability to compose a web or mobile app in a matter of minutes without code, allowing businesses more flexibility.

Jeff Teper, Vice President of OneDrive and SharePoint at Microsoft, asserts that SharePoint wants to grow workplace communities to be more agile and at a fraction of the cost that current web developing amounts to.

“We are very excited about the possibilities of using Micro Flow to create the integration of our apps directly into the experience of not only Office 365 and SharePoint but other integrations that currently exist in LiveTiles. I am really fascinated in the investments Microsoft is accomplishing and we at LiveTiles believe Jeff Teper is going in an amazing direction with the SharePoint model” –Karl Radenbach, CEO LiveTiles 

The Future of SharePoint


 Document Libraries look and feel like OneDrive, they still include their original commands and you are able to switch to grid view as opposed to list view for a more visual display. And there is also your metadata – which you can access in the property panel and can group by audience, description, date, etc. SharePoint lists also provide structured data right along your other less specified content.

SharePoint has also sought out to address IT concerns, such as, security privacy compliance, privacy certifications, encryption regularity – all of which can help to better protect and manage shared data. Users now fully optimize the customer lock box – delegating who has access to certain content. Additionally, users are given the power of dynamic access which bases document sharing on user identity, location, device, and the sensitivity of the data you’re attempting to access.

Users can control their own encryption protocol, and the length of time an external user has access to data, an external user can view, but not download, documents.

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In addition to providing tools with which businesses can optimize their practice, Microsoft is also offering guidance and support in the form of their FastTrack program! FastTrack was designed to help organizations run more smoothly and provides a set of best practices. What else? You can even use the migration feature to move files to Office 365 from cloud software like Google Drive, Box and Dropbox with no cost.

All in all, SharePoint has broadened their scope of capabilities by providing full end to end relationships, commitment to on-premises deployment and unified cloud experience by which collaboration extends for personal to group by connecting Office 365 groups in a sleeker user experience. They have found solutions that are core to organizations and core to Microsoft, a fundamental pillar in driving innovation. They have an obsession with customer satisfaction and we here at LiveTiles are in eager anticipation to see their next steps.

“Partners are indispensable to us” – Jeff Teper, VP of OneDrive + SharePoint at Microsoft

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