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SharePoint Apps: Modernizing your IT with SharePoint Apps and Nintex Workflows

Maybe you’re one of the many organizations struggling to keep pace with the market using outdated legacy systems. You may know that something needs to be done, but it seems like it might be a difficult challenge to do it. Not doing anything will get you by day to day, until it doesn’t. How do you modernize your enterprise with SharePoint apps, and how do Nintex enterprise apps fit into the picture?

SharePoint apps give users a way of delivering data or functionality to a SharePoint site. An app for SharePoint is a specialized tool for a given business practice. SharePoint apps come from the SharePoint store, and they can also be distributed through an IT department’s app catalog. In that case, they just need to be installed on the SharePoint site you’d like to use them on. Site owners can manage their SharePoint apps directly, without the need for an administrator’s assistance. Apps can be used for any number of reasons, from recognizing colleagues for increased employee engagement to creating custom lists. It’s possible to customize a SharePoint app to meet your unique requirements.

SharePoint apps are now bolstered by the SharePoint Framework. Jeff Teper, who is known as the father of SharePoint, explained, “The SharePoint Framework is an evolutionary step in SharePoint extensibility that delivers a new client-side rendering framework leveraging open source JavaScript technologies… the SharePoint Framework will be mobile by default, and will be integrated with the SharePoint mobile app.”

Nintex specializes in app modernization, combining with SharePoint apps and emphasizing the mobile experience. Nintex is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the state of Washington and a Microsoft Partner of the Year. When it comes to SharePoint workflow templates, Nintex is the premier provider for businesses and IT departments. Nintex automates data integration and external apps, but it also manages documents for routine signatures and approvals. Meanwhile, if you need it, data from clients and customers is accessible in the Nintex UI. To make collaboration the center of their process, Nintex designed the program so that input on a workflow can come from anywhere within the organization. One of the advantages of Nintex is that it lets you  “Access your SharePoint and Office 365 processes securely, inside or outside of the firewall – and even offline.”  With award-winning SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 products, Nintex tasks can be done from a smartphone or tablet. But for many SharePoint users, the main draw might be Nintex for SharePoint 2016:

“Nintex for SharePoint 2016 is easy to install and administer. Set up both Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms at the same time in your SharePoint environment, with a single unified installer. Manage all your Nintex products and services through a single entry point with simplified navigation and sub-categories to manage your licensing, setup, inventory and reporting.”

Nintex is designed to be an ideal fit with SharePoint, making assigning tasks and securing approvals easily. It also speeds the process of employee onboarding, increasing productivity and efficiency. Nintex for SharePoint is available on premise or in a SharePoint Online version. Nintex for SharePoint includes integration with Nintex Forms, which helps you share files with SharePoint external users. You can customize Nintex with CSS and JS inline within the form and through external files. Nintex Forms makes workflows quick—not only for those inside the firewall but for partners and clients on the outside as well. LiveTiles offers a Nintex Tile to speed the flow of automation and workflow processes in our designer. Select the Nintex Tile and move it to the canvas, adjust the settings, and you have a wireframe, mockup or even a fully functioning site all ready. Get the most out of Nintex workflow templates, SharePoint legacy application modernization, and keep up on digital trends with LiveTiles Design.

For those who prefer an outside specialist managing & assisting in the creation of their SharePoint apps, Nintex Workflows or LiveTiles implementation, LiveTiles recommends reaching out to our partners at Gig Werks. Gig Werks is an award-winning Microsoft partner delivering SharePoint solutions to clients in virtually every field. If your organization uses SharePoint, the Microsoft-certified pros at Gig Werks can help. Microsoft invites the Gig Werks team to their headquarters for training and discussions about the latest products, so you can be confident in their SharePoint expertise. Gig Werks is also a LiveTiles partner, using our tile-based UI to cut expenses for their customers and deliver at a rapid pace. With Gig Werks and LiveTiles, SharePoint users can implement their mainframe modernization strategy using Nintex workflows faster than ever.

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