SharePoint Intranet Platform

The LiveTiles SharePoint intranet platform can be used as a complete, modern, digital workplace. Integrated seamlessly with Microsoft and SharePoint, we empower every part of your organisation, from HR to Internal Comms, Marketing to IT, Finance and Operations, to create departmental portals with intelligent personalisation for employees’ unique needs. You can now transform your Microsoft assets into a platform for agile, flexible working.

Intranet governance

Built to support agile ways of working within SharePoint

Discover an extensive set of highly configurable features developed to work hand in hand with SharePoint, and that are geared to boost digital productivity, deliver highly sophisticated enterprise communication and encourage collaboration.

LiveTiles Solutions on various devices

Take SharePoint to the next level

Seamlessly access and pull in content from Microsoft and non Microsoft sources all from a single dashboard. Want to create a page that shows live content from Office 365, Yammer, SAP, Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, ServiceNow, Facebook or Twitter? It’s as easy as drag and drop! In fact, you get access to over 60 pre-configured drag–and–drop tiles plus custom and code snippet tiles to create an experience tailored to your needs.

Use the LiveTiles SharePoint functionality to build an intranet that engages employees, keeps them informed and is safe to use

Large scale intranet LiveTiles Enterprise shown on different devices

Enterprise Intranet based on SharePoint features

  • News and publishing
  • Content Governance
  • Targeting
  • Multilingual
  • Navigation
  • Accessibility
  • Governed Collaboration
  • Workplace Compliance
  • Visual Experience
  • Work Processes
  • Employee Engagement

Hub Intranet based on SharePoint features

  • Everything from one place
  • Design Unique Pages
  • Create Excellent Findability
  • Governance Tools
  • Feature add-on – Governance

LiveTiles’ audience targeted menus and quick links enable you to deliver an intuitive information architecture and help users succeed in their quest for information.

Deliver a clear overview of intranet content across hub sites

Our Mega Menu module offers a customizable global navigation for your intranet that can span multiple hubs and site collections and bind together Classic and Modern SharePoint sites.

Shortcuts to productivity with the Quicklinks module

The Quick Links module provides a selection of deep links, helping users quickly access their favorite resources and systems. The module can be used for a variety of scenarios. Use Quick Links to create a vacancies list, links to department resources, to collect links to productivity tools, and much more.

Provide answers to questions with the FAQ’s module

Give your support functions and teams the space to focus on more complex queries. The LiveTiles’ FAQs component displays frequently asked questions and their answers in a clear overview. The FAQs component can be used to present rules, guidelines, best practice instructions, and much more.

News can be surfaced on any SharePoint page or from the LiveTiles Everywhere panel assistant where it can be delivered in whatever app people are working in.

News editor based on SharePoint and LiveTiles Intranet

Employ the intuitive news editor for peer-to-peer communication and use the integration features to create an aggregated stream of news from all relevant sources.

High powered and easy to use News capabilities

From Twitter, Instagram, and RSS feeds to peer-to-peer messages and global and local company news, the news engine is where all news and information is created and distributed in a personalized news aggregation point.

Peer to peer communications

By employing LiveTiles’ news engine for peer-to-peer messaging, you offer editors and end users an intuitive experience that makes writing, commenting, and reading news available to everyone in your organization.
LiveTiles Enterprise Intranet communication tool example

LiveTiles’ Workspaces module enables seamless provisioning and governance of workspaces within SharePoint and Teams.

LiveTiles Intranet governance

Governed collaboration that is intuitive

Enable users to intuitively provision workspaces at the same time as you meet the business’ need for governance. From Project rooms, extranets, communities of practice, ideation sites, subject matter spaces, department sites, committee rooms, and more. Including advanced features for governance and provisioning, the Workspaces module is designed to support all types of enterprise collaboration.

Streamlining workspace creation and governance

The central workspace hub can be accessed from SharePoint or in LiveTiles’ Everywhere Panel across SharePoint and MS Teams. From here, users get a full, searchable, and filterable overview of workspaces across Classic SharePoint, Modern SharePoint, and Teams.

Workspace experiences across Teams and SharePoint

A central workspace hub unites the creation of collaboration spaces based on teams and sites. Users get a full, searchable, and filterable overview of workspaces across Classic SharePoint, Modern SharePoint, and Teams.

LiveTiles’ Policies & Procedures module brings instructions and procedures to the intranet. Enabling users to find relevant and updated guidelines from intranet pages that are continuously updated.

One tool for all corporate Policies & Procedures

Offering advanced governance features and intuitive editor tools, the Policies & Procedures module enables you to make all types of policies and procedures readily available on your intranet.

Helping employees be compliant

From standard operation procedures over global and local employee handbooks, IT security policy procedures, HR self-service, safety regulations, and more, the Policies & Procedures module includes the features you need to help staff stay effortlessly compliant.

Targeted compliance across your intranet

Audience targeting provides each employee with personal notifications of mandatory and recommended reads. Notifications can be included on SharePoint pages or in LiveTiles’ Everywhere Panel across SharePoint and MS Teams.
Intranet governance

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We have 20 years of experience working with clients to address their digital workplaceand MS Teams challenges.

Currently working with more than 1’000 customers around the world, with 850’000+ users relying on LiveTiles solutions.

CYCL Matchpoint (LiveTiles Hub) and Condense (LiveTiles Reach) are now a part of LiveTiles.
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