Does a SharePoint Intranet have to be boring?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

What is it that you think you’d like to change in your workplace? Are the mundane tasks of your workflow suppressing you into a monotonous cycle of boredom? Well more than likely, it may derive from the fact that you’re not utilizing the most effective technology in your work routine. And let’s face it, in this day and age, technology plays a humongous role in how we deploy our day-to-day tasks.

SharePoint has been the catalyst for organizations to improve collaboration in the workplace; SharePoint is one of the most widely used Microsoft application for enterprise solutions.To even call it an intranet anymore is a huge understatement. Its capabilities spans across more than just what a “traditional intranet” can do. The level of opportunity that is possible with a SharePoint intranet is tremendous.

But let’s dig a little deeper, what can be the underlying reason as to why a SharePoint intranet might be dull and boring? Traditionally organizations would enlist the help of SharePoint integrators to install SharePoint server boxes within an organization. Not only would these IT professionals install the hardware, but they’d also monitor the servers and adhere to technical errors in the system. The time it took for these tasks meant there was less time to for on intranet design, resulting in seemingly endless clicks for the end user to complete a simple document retrieval.

So what stems from companies investing much time, effort and cost into these IT initiatives? Whenever an issue occurs business users – especially those less tech savvy – would have to rely heavily on the assistance of the system integrators. So consultations would then have to be scheduled, it possibly wasn’t an easy fix and the cost to upgrade can be high.

This in turn causes business users to become frustrated with the platform and to stop using their intranet altogether – understandable. Many employees learn to conduct their work without utilizing intranets. By doing so, they can diminish the amount of collaboration amongst them and their coworkers. This will then lead to less work being completed for ongoing company success.

The issues that companies face when it comes to the intranet they provide their employees is the need to address the user-friendliness of the intranet solution – one that is engaging, easy to use and ultimately productive. On some level or another, there will always be the need for some IT assistance; however, the idea is to provide an enterprise solution that caters first to the end user. If the end user can approach most technical difficulties autonomously, they can be more productive. Now, this is possible more than ever with cloud capabilities.


Does a SharePoint Intranet have to be boring?

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“Technically the biggest trend is moving intranets from own servers to the cloud. Microsoft’s widely popular Office 365 suite offers a flexible, cost-effective and continuously developing set of tools for the information workers. Office 365 forms the basis for a true digital workplace and is therefore also a natural “home” for the corporate intranet.” Jari Pullinen

What’s even greater about Microsoft’s ability to transcend across all business mediums is how closely they work with partners to expand on efforts to enhance business initiatives. LiveTiles is the perfect example of this; with LiveTiles, business users are able to create digital platforms that incorporate all necessary components of their workflow in one central location.

LiveTiles works off of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Azure hosting services which allows users to be the designers of their digital platforms – they can incorporate their SharePoint sites in their portals for easy access to company content amongst their coworkers for increased productivity. How you may ask? LiveTiles provides preconfigured tile integrations such as, direct links to internal company pages and libraries, external document storing software like DropBox and Google Drive and you can even incorporate entertaining features such as gifs and music streaming. Additionally, users are able to customize and design the layout of their very own authentic digital portal; a revolutionary feature in the the wake of enterprise user experience.

So, as you can see, a SharePoint intranet does not have to be boring – it just has to cater to the modern user experience. Creating a canvas for which end users can become the designers of their digital workspace where they can include the most utilized components in their workflow can and will reach great depths in the work that is put out by employees. SharePoint intranets certainly do not have to be boring, you can breathe life into your daily work routine with LiveTiles.

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