LiveTiles Vibe

Your free work from home employee check-in tool.

LiveTiles Vibe features

Take care of your employees’ wellbeing with LiveTiles Vibe.

LiveTiles Vibe lets you stay connected to your remote workforce to understand how employees are feeling, track communication easily, and analyze real time feedback with these intelligent features:

• Wellness check-in tool
• Day-to-day experience surveys
• Communication and engagement analysis
• Feedback and improvement assessments


Wellness check-in

Transform discussions of wellness into an active and intrinsic part of work, supporting staff to be happier and healthier at both work and home.

• Proactive wellness bot checking in on employees throughout the day
• Support and drive awareness to internal wellbeing initiatives and programs
• Track employees’ mental state and moods
• Improve internal one-on-one discussions and employee’ WFH experience

Experience surveys

Leverage pre-built, best practice surveys to stay up-to date with each employee’s WFH experience to better support and engage the workforce.

Communication and engagement analysis

Track communication of the remote workforce and improve engagement through analysing the data and all the contributing factors provided through the surveys.

Feedback and improvement assessment

Collect employee responses via the Feedback Loop tool and leverage the insights to help drive improved practices and behaviours while defusing concerns or issues.

We’ll help you get your free, personalized LiveVibe system up and running.​

We’ll deliver the security and scalability your team needs, while rolling out to the rest of the business a marvellously simple, user friendly platform in which disruptions are minimized, chaos is controlled, and communication and collaboration thrive.