Streamline flight operations with LiveTiles intranet software

Airline CIOs have what’s been called “The worst job in the company.”  Not only do you have the responsibility of “keeping the lights on” with multiple legacy systems running side by side, you are also managing the underlying collaboration that will support a combined industry clientele of “more than 231 million passengers.” To make your work even more challenging, you have to constantly look for “other tools that help the company get more unified, more integrated.” Preferably, you would do all this without spending your entire budget. Airline CIO’s, we feel your pain, and we have a digital solution that will bring you much-deserved recognition. Our UX designer makes it easy to set up airline intranet portals that reduce short term and long term costs while improving your operational efficiency worldwide.

Streamline flight operations with LiveTiles intranet software

Experts proclaim the need for better software for airlines

The CIO of highly acclaimed Alaska Airlines, Veresh Sita, tells us that “Today, companies are looking to IT to bring digital innovation to the enterprise and reimagine the future. We all need to change the way we fundamentally think about IT.” On-premises software is just the beginning; we need cloud-based applications for mobile collaboration. Microsoft MVP Bill Baer suggests that “The cloud is no longer a luxury—it’s central to a mobile, modern workplace.” Airline CEO’s have been echoing Sita’s statements. Managing your airline intranet portal, flight planning apps, online dashboards, SharePoint features, and O365 programs can be an overwhelming task. The LiveTiles team noticed that the world needed a way to bring them all together, reduce complexity and provide an all-encompassing view for simple and quick monitoring. That’s LiveTiles Design, a one-of-a-kind digital experience platform that integrates everything you need into one canvas with a simple UI. That’s why companies with a global reach have been partnering with us, and they’ve been making excellent online dashboards and mobile responsive sites ever since.

Streamline flight operations with LiveTiles intranet software

Intranet software anyone can use

In an increasingly complex digital world, only LiveTiles has the intranet software to make this happen. LiveTiles’ UX designer is the only way to run every program you need from one page, and have a new site up and running in minutes. Keep pace with digital trends easily, or add new relevant information whenever you’d like. Follow Twitter while you’re playing a YouTube video. Post a SoundCloud podcast next to the documents you’re describing. The best part is, for every team, a new online dashboard can be created. This intranet software is designed so that any employee can build a page. It not only cuts down on IT’s time, it reduces costs and frees them up for other tasks. LiveTiles fundamentally improves the productivity of an airline, and it can all start with the embattled CIO, who has the option of bringing our money-saving replacement for legacy systems into the organization. That’s what makes a CIO a “CEO of IT.”

Streamline flight operations with LiveTiles intranet software

LiveTiles’ airline intranet portals do it all

An airline intranet portal can also be dedicated to administrative purposes, such as operations, personnel, or finance. Imagine keeping up on workflows, speeding up the hiring process and following a budget with real-time analytics. An airline intranet portal makes use of your existing SharePoint programs while integrating new cloud-based applications. Your airline will realize gains in bottom-line productivity and reduce human error. With a central location for files, important websites and digital reference databases, your data management capabilities will also increase. Still prefer email for some types of collaboration? Airline intranet software from LiveTiles includes the usual applications, such as the internal 0365 email system and your choice of instant messaging apps. All of these factors can lead to smoother data management and document management, paving the way for superior airline service and support.

Streamline flight operations with LiveTiles intranet software

The avionics portal

What about the aircraft itself? The airline industry relies on planes with secure avionics systems. Having a knowledge base is recommended, but this is only the beginning. A system as vital to the airline industry as avionics requires a centralized intranet portal for training, maintenance logs, two-way communications and operations. Flight planning apps and crew web portals could be tied in together so that the overall intranet software package is working well as a whole. Naturally, the security of this system is an important requirement. We have previous experience meeting stringent security guidelines. It’s one thing to keep internal information encrypted at the highest standard, but what if you need an external-facing intranet portal for customers or other partners? Intranets can allow access for external users on selected pages. In fact, this is one of the best ways to communicate with external users. LiveTiles makes it easy to keep your internal data private while maintaining an external communications portal that boosts collaboration and teamwork.

Streamline flight operations with LiveTiles intranet software

Organizing flight routes and schedules

Another portal dedicated to aligning and organizing flight routes and schedules provides even more benefits for an airline. First, there is quick access for employees, who have the ability to search for the information they need at the moment they need it. If the information isn’t sensitive, why not put it on an external online dashboard? In the end, you could save not only the employees’ limited time and attention, but that of customers and partners as well. These routes and times are subject to frequent change. LiveTiles makes it easy to modify your data to reflect these changes. The key to remember is that our UX designer builds intranet software that reduces the number of inquiries employees and others have regarding routes and schedules.

Streamline flight operations with LiveTiles intranet software

Airline software applications guide employees to their destinations

LiveTiles makes it easy to create as many pages as you’d like. It would be a good idea to create a page for each destination your carrier covers. When a crew is coming in, they could benefit from a page listing their accommodations. It could come complete with a map and directions. The page might also include a local calendar. That way anyone arriving at a location would be oriented right away. You only really need to design one of these pages, because LiveTiles Design allows you to duplicate the page easily and plug in the data for each location. The Design product includes a helpful information architecture tool that uses natural language dialogs takes the user on a step-by-step process to map out identical or modified online dashboards.

Streamline flight operations with LiveTiles intranet software

Have intranet software your way, we’re listening

We’re always thinking of ways to deliver even more compelling UX. We do that by listening to you. Our users requested and received a new Custom Tile. This is the tile that allows you to create new variables in CSS, HTML or JavaScript. This represents a huge step forward for everyone who relies on our products because now there is no limit to what you can do with a tile. There is also no front end coding required, and you can template as much as you like . Templates are saved as .json files that give users multiple intranet portal options. You can have uniform software going out to each point of contact. Employees can transfer or fill in temporarily anywhere without ever slowing down. LiveTiles Web Developer and LiveTiles Blueprint (now part of LiveTiles Design) builder Chet Mitchell explains, “UX designers can use Blueprint to build identical site hierarchies in their site collections. Blueprint gives them the option to export a design, so they can import it to different SharePoint tenants and have the same site hierarchies.”

Streamline flight operations with LiveTiles intranet software

The digital transformation is waiting on you

It’s always difficult to make a change, particularly when there is an entire organization involved. But this isn’t so much a choice as a necessity. Airline executives agree that something has to be done. The only question is how efficient your next intranet software will be and what it will cost. Fortunately, we have a LiveTiles drag and drop UX designer to fit any budget or need.

LiveTiles is not a piecemeal approach, it’s a digital transformation—exactly the kind that Sita says is needed in the airline industry. Sita is transforming Alaska Air, and recent profitability is all the evidence we need to see that it’s working. According to Fortune, “there aren’t enough of these transformational CIOs,” but anyone who can secure state-of-the-art intranet software for their company at a fraction of the current cost would certainly be the exception. The CIO can drastically impact the productivity and level of employee engagement within an airline through the software he or she purchases and implements. Looking at it from a strictly financial point of view, LiveTiles is the intranet software airlines can’t afford to go without:

“It’s not uncommon for 80% of IT budgets to be consumed by. . . maintaining existing software applications, servers, and networks. This ensures that relatively little attention or resources can be devoted to exploring new uses of technology in the business.”

The longer you go without LiveTiles, the more money you’ll lose to these obsolete systems. Can your airline afford to be one of the companies striving to improve in a competitive environment with intranet software made “during the Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan administrations?” Save your time, improve communications and bring collaboration into the workplace with LiveTiles intranet software. We’re ready to be your digital transformation partners and show you how.

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