Talk Digi to Me: Customizing Your Digital Workplace


Global consultants are starting to see the appeal of switching to the digital workplace. They’re realizing how adopting technological advancements are improving work environments—but perhaps they don’t have much perspective, and still may need to be wooed. They need a gentle finesse. A little sweet talk. They need someone to speak their language—to speak digi to them!

Essentially, the digital workplace is an intranet with a lot of bonus features. An intranet alone consists of a handful of components that seemingly provide enough support for an organization. Fair enough, right? Well, an intranet will serve its purpose but that doesn’t mean there aren’t massive enhancements that have recently taken flight, like the digital workplace!

So what does a digital workplace consist of? What’re you missing? A bunch of additional solutions that make your tasks run way more smoothly than you’d ever thought possible!

What, specifically, you ponder? Well, where an intranet may only provide a couple of features such as contacts, workplace policies or minor news, a digital workplace ups the ante. The digital workplace includes these features, as well as email, social media, video conferencing, word processing/data-compiling software—the list goes on and on!

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This digi business model is more than just an intranet, for sure; it has been described as a collection of technologies, combining the best features of various software that maximize worker potential. Having access to the additional features better equips businesses to reach new heights. Employees are more engaged using these elements; as a result, they work more productively, completing their tasks rapidly and efficiently.

Another outstanding feature of the digital workplace is how it allows users to design and customize every aspect of their platform. Furthermore, users don’t even need to be technologically savvy when doing so; they can build their digital workplace as a CEO, a small business owner or even a store manager.

The bottom line: digital workplaces combine the best parts of your business: your employees and the digi-talking software they can use. The digital path shapes an entire ecosystem of valuable solutions that will strengthen future endeavors within any organization.

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