A Tech-wise Intranet. That’s Wizdom.

Wizdom offers technology leaders a simple solution to their biggest challenge: delivering value from their tech-stack.

Enterprise-grade and easy to scale

Wise-up your tech stack now, or prepare for the future with an intranet that can reliably scale to hundreds of thousands of users. Just to put that in the words of Hamish Cameron, CIO for the Department for Child Protection in South Australia, “This has easily been the fastest intranet build and migration that I’ve been involved in, and one I can actually say has been successful.”

Intelligent intranets at all scales

145,000 users

100,000 users

100,000 users

Secure. Always.

World-class security is a no-brainer with Wizdom.  As a premier Microsoft technology partner, Wizdom is built on Azure. Wisely tying all authentication into Microsoft’s authentication model, there’s no additional risk to worry about.

Wizdom ticks the boxes for top security government organizations and highly regulated financial institutes globally

Power-up Sharepoint

Wizdom works seamlessly with Sharepoint, enhancing the best of what it already offers. It augments existing capability to create enterprise-grade, rich features. Wizdom empowers technology leaders to build a loveable intranet that lasts. Just ask our friends at Novartis. After attempting to deploy an intranet on Sharepoint alone, Wizdom added the secret ingredient for their success.

“Our business was amazed to go-live from zero to Intelligent Intranet in 3.5 weeks”

Lalitha Koya, Manager ICT

One Of Just 15 Microsoft Partners Globally

Microsoft’s Head of Engineering, Jeff Teper, announced LiveTiles as one of just 15 global Microsoft SharePoint Home Sites launch partners at SPC19. Home Sites aggregates corporate content across news, events, organizational updates and policies. There is now an official site for corporate news, native mobile friendliness and an AI powered Microsoft integrated search.

Centralised Management

Manage everything centrally, with the power to deploy to thousands of different sites in one go. No more chaos or governance issues, saving your team time and development resource costs.

Test Drive Our Platform

Get tech-wise with these features

Integrate with Microsoft Teams

Workspaces gives you the tools to create a project site template and allow other Microsoft Teams or Sharepoint groups to self-provision. Plus, auto-provision additional content security with our partner, Nucleus Cyber.

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Intelligent Employee Directory

Without storing any data, Wizdom acts as a trusted messenger to help keep all your employee information up to date and even add custom, searchable dimensions. Wizdom AI requests and sources it from each employee on a regular basis and automatically sends it safely back to ActiveDirectory.

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PowerPanel in Teams & Sharepoint

Traditionally, intranet adoption rates are as low as 20%. With PowerPanel, you can give your organisation a contextual, personalised intranet. Stop trying to bring employees to the intranet, bring the intranet to them, wherever they are!

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Corporate communications and noticeboard

We know that the marketing and comms teams you work with want a way to easily publish news, comms and social in ways your people and their content editors will love. Wizdom means they get an intuitive and refined way to create and publish news.

Analytics and Actionable Insights

From a beautiful, visual heatmap, page level and site wide insights, engagement scores, department level user breakdowns, activity by device type, time of day, type of content and time period. All the data you need to show successful roll out, and continuously evolve the intranet as employee needs change.

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For all your friends in media and communications

We know you often have a huge list of demands from other departments. Luckily, Wizdom can help you meet them! Wizdom gives you a real opportunity to ensure the critical security, scalability your team needs, while giving the rest of the business a marvelously simple, user friendly platform.