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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

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Teams Calling

We’re here to help

During the COVID-19 crisis, Microsoft Teams has become the go-to solution for thousands of businesses needing a quick and secure solution to connect their dispersed workforce.

Telstra Teams Calling boosts the power of Teams, enabling voice communications with customers, suppliers, and partners. Teams Calling combines the functionality of a traditional PABX with the flexibility and location independence of a cloud-based telephony platform.

The real opportunity for Telstra Client Executives is not just filling the “communications gap” with a calling plan, but in exploring and defining the roadmap of capabilities that can be built onto the platform to further enhance operations of the customer organization.

MS Teams interaction example

LiveTiles Reach

Bring your comms to Teams

Integrate your corporate communications with the Teams app.

From HQ to the outer reaches of your workplace, the Reach for Teams mobile and desktop app keeps all workers in the loop, regardless of location and device. Installed from the app store, Reach lets you securely interact with your company news on a global level.

The Reach Teams app keeps you up to date with the latest company corporate news through the integration into the Teams notifications and activity. Change your own personal configurations to receive your news notifications through Teams rather than email.

News publishing

Company news curation through the Teams app.

Not only does the Reach Teams app allow for company news consumption, it also offers news
owners and creators a full publishing routing directly through the user interface.

Enjoy the full functionality of news creation and publishing passed through directly from the Reach web application. Use features and functions to publish news to predefined channels with keyword tagging, publishing dates, and the ability to enable likes/comments.

Got an important announcement that must be read? Mark your newly created news article as an “alert”, ensuring that it appears at the top of every user’s feed. Mark it as “ask readers for confirmation”, to ensure users confirm that have read and understood the alert.

Pin it

Pin your Reach application the Teams task bar..

Pin your Reach app so it becomes a part of your daily teams routine. Don’t waste time
opening extra tabs and fumbling for credentials when it can be readily accessible from
your Teams task bars in both desktop and mobile apps.

For desktop, simply find the app and pin manually, or add it at the administrative level
for all users with the global policy.

Rearrange your task bar applications on your iOS and Android device to include the
Reach app, ensuring your news is just a click away.

LiveTiles Everywhere

Materialize the essentials

Use the Microsoft SPFx frame to expand functionality.

Summon the tools you need to complete your mission. Light up and launch the most relevant corporate content and business functionality displayed through an easy to use tabular panel.

Utlizing the SPFx framework, configure and surface content through web parts, bringing
the most revelant content from SharePoint Online into your Teams environmen 

Right on target

Target your Everywhere content to the right people.

Deliver personalized and customized content to whoever you choose. Populate your panel with content and functionality relevant to everyone across your organization, then curate information targeted to specific audiences and groups.

Ensure your Everywhere panels are showing secured content through the ability to define specific audiences via Active Directory Groups or custom LiveTiles audiences.

Launch at warp speed

Install and deploy Everywhere in a matter of minutes

As a complete SaaS cloud application, the installation and onboarding process is
lighting fast and code-free. 

Step through the seamless process of connecting LiveTiles Everywhere to your M365 and Azure Active Directory effectively deploying to your SharePoint Online and  Microsoft Teams environments.

LiveTiles Vibe

You decide the Vibe

Customize your Vibes from a template library.

Choosing the right Vibe is easy. Visit the template library and find the Vibe that is most likely to give you the feedback you want to capture from your audience.

Before sending out the Vibe, give your Vibe a name that is identifiable by the data you want to capture, select the channels you want to send it to, and set automatic scheduling of future Vibes. It’s that easy.

You’re free to make any changes to the Vibes you create. Edit the name, the channels to send it to, and the scheduling whenever you like.

Need something specialized? We can create a custom Vibe built to your requirements.

Activate your Vibes

Send your Vibes to your desired Microsoft Teams channels.

Once you install the Vibes Team tab app, you can post Vibes to any public channel within the Team. Microsoft Teams will notify users of the Vibe so they can respond directly through the chat by commenting nto the input boxes, checking radio buttons, and hitting submit.

Feedback can be gathered from users directly through the channel chat, so there is no need for redirects outside Teams.

Turn feelings into facts

View Vibe data through the graphical interface.

Say goodbye to boring, dense data. Vibe response insights are rolled up and sent to you in an easy to understand email.

Visualize metrics relevant to your Vibes such as total Vibes sent, response rates and break down of your user responses.