The IKEA of Intranets


Researchers have coined a term “the IKEA effect,” a phrase that originates from the Swedish retailer, and suggests that, when given the proper tools, anyone can create and customize something sufficiently. This theory first was published by Michael I. Norton of Harvard Business School, Daniel Mochon of Yale University and Dan Ariely of Duke University in 2011. Their experiments demonstrate that self-assembly has a measurable impact on the evaluation of a product by its consumers.

One could say that this very effect could be applied to the emergence of the digital workplace, no? Well, let’s look at the facts: The digital workplace model provides fast and easy business solutions for companies—and it’s spreading across the world like a global wildfire.

The digital workplace will continue to grab the attention of businesses worldwide. Why? First off, it provides anywhere-access, a feature from which business professionals hugely benefit, because it grants them the ability to work in the office, in their homes or while catching their next flight to meet a partner!

Secondly, the digital workplace provides simplicity by consolidating all necessary company information on one platform which all employees can access. This consolidation breaks down the divides of a hierarchical spectrum, a dissolution that increases both productivity and collaboration.



So how is the IKEA effect present in the intranet industry? Well, far beyond creating simplistic work methods, software solutions have surfaced that now allow users to be more present in the process of building an efficient intranet. No only do these solutions enable intranets to be far more productive, they also let users customize and create intranets according to their own personal style. You can find almost any application program interface (API) that your company uses on a regular basis, and incorporate it in your intranet.

Such programs can include, but are not limited to, CRMs, social media channels and document management software. Users also can design the intranet to look visually appealing. So, like the folks at IKEA, who have all necessary tools at their disposal, businesses are using the digital workplace to customize the perfect platform on which to run their companies effectively.

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