LiveSmiles: Things we like to ‘erase’ in our workplaces

We as humans can sometimes feel uncomfortable and disconnected at work. Stress, procrastination, anxiety and fear of expressing our true selves are not uncommon. This does not move companies forward who are working everyday to realize their vision.

LiveTiles has a mission to empower people in the workplace with intelligent solutions. And because we care for Humanity, we’ve recently launched a movement called LiveSmiles.

During the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen, I promoted LiveSmiles on the same day we won the Most Creative Use of Flow Award recognizing our innovation. In my upbeat mood, I asked delegates what they like to ‘erase’ in their Workplace and received some very interesting answers which I would like to share with you here:

  • Erase the barriers between cultures
  • Erase inflexible working hours (start at 7.00 hrs, when the bio rhythm says 9.00)
  • Erase imbalance between work and life
  • Erase the impulse to IM/WhatsApp friends and family when you are close by
  • Erase overwhelming KPIs
  • Erase old school thinking that women with kids are not able to work in responsible roles
  • Erase notifications outside working times
  • Erase IT systems that stand in the way to realize digital happiness
  • Erase IT systems that do not empower humans
  • Erase fear to lose power
  • Erase sitting all the time
  • Erase the default habit of people thinking local
  • Erase the CEO who wants everything yesterday

There’s one more interesting answer I got from someone. She explained right from her heart: “If we have something for improvement in our workplace, our management embraces the input employees give, and really make an effort to fix it and give feedback on it.” Wow, that is a compliment for Konica Minolta. She really is a Happy Employee and great ambassador for her employer.

Employees make some of the best brand ambassadors because they are the ones best placed to spread positive vibes, proud to be part of a meaningful vision.

All delegates who gave an answer got a Smile-eraser as a ‘thank you’ for sharing their thoughts.

If you have a valuable insight you would like to erase in the workplace, please let us know.

When you are in the Netherlands and would like to have a little Smiley, you are most welcome to collect one during the LiveSmiles events we are organizing in 2019. The first one is scheduled for January 24th in Utrecht.

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