Product Thumbnail vs. Description: What Do Customers See?

Many overlook the concept that there is a genuine psychological approach to selling online. E-commerce revolves around a specific strategy that can entice the consumer population to purchase an item. Obviously much importance is placed upon a product thumbnail, or product image, and product description. Some gravitate more towards the thumbnail and others are sold by a thorough description.

Entire marketing strategies can be based around the use of these two components affecting consumer purchasing behavior. For some less is more, and the product thumbnails are short, sweet and to the point. A product thumbnail is typically a small picture or a video that is used to concisely present a product and catch the attention of an internet user. Product thumbnails can be used for a variety of purposes, however for this article, we’ll focus on product images on e-commerce sites. Amazon displays thumbnails of the products or materials they sell on their website along with a brief product description.

However, some prefer to conduct more research when making purchasing decisions. A good majority of online consumers look to the product description to gain more insight so as to make a more informed purchase.

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So which is better? Image or Text? Product thumbnail or product description? Perhaps there is no incorrect approach in online purchasing, but it is apparent that both have their weaknesses and both have their strengths.

A product thumbnail can accurately depict what a product may appear to be, but sometimes the issue lies in the fact that thumbnail is made to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Often thumbnails can deceive the consumer and persuade them to invest in a product that could potentially be a sham, inaccurately represented in the image, or lack specific features that the consumer desired.

Where a product thumbnail image can be rather vague, product descriptions provide a more in-depth representation of the qualities and features of a product. So, it’s quite apparent that product descriptions are a much more thorough representation of a product’s features. However, according to one survey, 92.6% of participants stated that visuals were a key factor in their purchasing decision. For example, consumers won’t buy things like clothing or furniture unless they’ve seen some visual representation of the what it is that they’re buying. Therefore, a product thumbnails or image can be more important in how they grab customers, but you can’t sell products using those alone.

LiveTiles Design navigates around this same theory in their marketing and HR templates for SharePoint intranet pages. The marketing template showcases more visuals and the HR template is more textual.

Product Thumbnail vs. Description: What Do Customers See?

Sample Marketing page created using LiveTiles Design

Marketing is in important tool in every company and because it is basically the “poster” of an organization, the use of many visuals is key. The same applies when marketing a product for online retailers, like EBay and Amazon. Because of its function, it is relatively easy to make a very simple intranet site for a company’s marketing department.

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Sample Human Resources page created using LiveTiles Design

Conversely, the HR template in LiveTiles Design can be more factual and as such it includes more text and less visuals. However, from looking at the graphic above one can see that this does not mean that the page is made less visually appealing or organized on account of the text-heavy content.

It’s been established that both visuals and textual descriptions can be important in the decisions of online shoppers, but visuals can have a particularly strong sway in e-commerce. By using LiveTiles Design, you can build intranet pages that invoke these same ideas of visual appeal, even if the elements you need to include on the page are all lists and schedules and documents. In this way, when building a digital workplace, you can combine the best of both image and textual appeal to engage your users – whether they be your own employees or potential customers.

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