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Trends to Watch: Socialization and Big Data

Published by: David Fralinger

Now it’s possible to collaborate with colleagues thousands of miles away, as if they were sitting right next to you. No, human teleportation hasn’t been invented yet, but the digital workplace has, and it’s rapidly revolutionizing the way global companies do business.

If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that the speed of innovation in information technologies won’t be slowing down anytime soon—or ever. The way we work today is almost unrecognizable compared to the work structure from a couple decades ago. So what can we expect a decade from now?

David Amenda is an expert in the architecture, deployment and operational services of web-based applications, hosting platforms and distributed environments. His experience has given him a unique insight into the evolution of the digital workplace so far, as well as what’s to come in the near future.

david big data
Expert: David Amenda
Site: SharePoint Internals


“The face of cloud and IT is going to change rapidly in the next years, I believe the evolution of cloud is far from over. Cloud technology will become an agile, scalable, cost-effective platform for next generation businesses based on mobile, social and Big Data.”

Among the big digital trends, the socialization of the digital workplace and the rise of Big Data are the movements Amenda is keeping an eye on. In many ways, these progressions go hand-in-hand and feed off each other.

The socialization of the digital workplace describes the trend of designing company intranets to have the look and feel of a social media site. Given the wild popularity of social media sites, and the fact that the average employee is most likely active on social media, it only makes sense for companies to try to mimic the social media paradigm to facilitate collaboration between employees. This has the added benefit of helping employees feel more engaged and connected to their job and coworkers.

Humans aren’t robots, and a degree of company socialization is necessary to keep employees engaged. As more aspects of our work lives are carried out in a digital environment, it’s only natural that workplace socialization follow suit.

big data balance


Big Data has the ability to transform the way we work by looking at the work we have done in the past, analyzing our online habits and finding ways to improve our workflow. This trend is closely linked to socialization.

Social networks utilize complex algorithms, determined by our everyday online activity, to calculate and suggest personalized content to interest us. As digital workplaces continue to adopt the look and feel of a social network, these same algorithms can be applied in our digital work environments. Soon an intranet may be able to suggest relevant content and make it readily available—before you even request it.

The digital workplace is evolving rapidly, but in the end Amenda agrees that new innovations must remain focused on not only the progression of technology, but most importantly the people who use it.

About David Amenda:
David Amenda is a native of Berlin, Germany and lives in Curitiba, Brazil. Since 2013, David has been a SharePoint Support Engineer at Wipro, acting as a support specialist focused on resolving Microsoft Premiers Customer’s technical & product issues. His bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led him to a number of community leadership roles.  David received the Most Valued Professional (MVP) Award from Microsoft in 2015 honoring his commitment to helping others get the most out of their experience with Microsoft technologies.

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