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What does digital transformation look like in the field?

LiveTiles specializes in digital transformation. Digital transformation includes “The acceleration of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact in a strategic and prioritized way.” Thus a genuine digital transformation takes more than the latest technology, it also requires people who are eager to do their part to boost collaboration, keep up on digital trends and enhance the mobile experience. According to the World Economic Forum, the cumulative beneficial effects of digital transformation will be responsible for 14% of total profits in consumer industries over the coming years. Responsive design and remote access software are important pieces of the puzzle, as the global digital workplace will increasingly be on the move.

If you know that a digital experience transformation is needed in your workplace, where do you start? It all begins with a plan. According to our partners at Microsoft, there are four pillars of digital transformation for businesses to take into account: “Becoming more engaged with their customers, empowering their employees, optimizing how they run their business operations and transforming the products and services they offer using digital content.” The mobile experience plays a big role in each of the four. Microsoft MVP Arild Aarnes highlights that the SharePoint team is also looking to accommodate mobile users with “new SharePoint mobile apps.” When it comes to making the most out of SharePoint and enhancing the mobile experience, LiveTiles Reach is the gold standard. We are always working to cover each aspect of your technological needs so you can find information for your specific targets. From specific tiles to overall digital design strategies, we’re reaching our users in every part of the cloud. Let’s have a look at a few real-world digital transformations that are changing industries worldwide.

Digital transformation improves healthcare and safety

We’re seeing great strides being made in healthcare IT, but there is plenty of room for improvement. LiveTiles’ Jon Lisi suggested the example of a health department official working with a mobile device, “this official might be responsible for grading restaurants in a big city like New York based on certain health inspection requirements.” The official could report information or reference potential violations through an intranet portal. Or, maybe it’s the consumer who would be interested in the mobile experience, getting the greenlight for an establishment from a phone in seconds. Public health can be positively impacted from digital transformation in numerous ways; several of which are listed in Mirit Elyahu’s highly informative article on tech trends. From a medical provider standpoint, Microsoft strives to help “engage your patients, optimize your clinical and operational effectiveness, transform the care continuum and empower your care teams.” This allows you to manage the common challenges facing the healthcare industry. A connected office that delivers timely information to patients, providers and administrators is possible.


Digital experience enable companies to communicate and do business in real-time

Digital experience platforms solve retail’s nagging problems

Word is still getting out that “Digital transformation is one of the most important topics facing retail.” Retail, the seemingly low-tech staple of yesteryear, is actually here to stay. However, the ways that retailers engage with customers need to vary with the times: “A recent study found that 71% of shoppers want online access to inventory information for physical stores, and half would like to click and collect. However, only one-third of retailers offer omni-channel basics.” Microsoft reiterates that “retailers need to create differentiated and personalized experiences that span our real and digital lives.” Microsoft further suggests a future in which, through cloud-based applications, “shoppers are guided by robots, sensors and apps to their ideal products. Information on more than 6,000 products is instantly available to customers via interactive screens on the shop floor.” This scene is likely a ways off for the typical store, but the need to respond to changing customer preferences is clear. Every time a store shuts down, shoppers in that area are left with fewer options and less competitive pricing locally. If retail could make the experience of shopping more engaging, they would incentivize their customers to go the extra mile and come in to the brick and mortar location. LiveTiles can help. Imagine a digital experience platform that’s easy to navigate as it directs employees and customers to where they can find an item. Customer service agents could communicate through Skype. Automatic workflows help maintain a well-stocked floor. The possibilities are endless for retail, and the consumers will respond to a worthwhile mobile experience.

The mobile experience is harvesting gains in agriculture

Like retail, in the world of technology, “Agriculture lags greatly behind.” This is one area we can’t afford to get wrong: “The world’s rapidly growing population and increasing concern everywhere about food security and environmental sustainability demands that agriculture accelerates its digital transformation.” There has already been encouraging progress, as “Data is reshaping global farming and food security” for improved water conservation, data management and farmer training. There is still a long way to go. Many farms are run with legacy systems that are no longer equipped to handle the complicated workflows, communications and regulatory data that go along with a modern agricultural operation. The Iowa Farm Bureau warns “There is a significant gap between those farmers who are prepared to adopt this technology and those who are skeptical and/or fearful.” In extreme cases, farming organizations risk “a loss of relevance” in the increasingly complex agriculture market. LiveTiles can give agriculture users a mobile experience with a responsive design that’s as easy to design as it is to operate. With LiveTiles, farmers can check futures contracts, reach out to partners through video or voice calls, manage paperwork and even build teamwork among employees through a social intranet.

Digital experience enables mobile-first communications options for employees

LiveTiles’ responsive design puts the mobile experience in action

Want to see the results of a LiveTiles digital transformation? A great example is Engie. The Engie mobil-first LiveTiles solution was designed to connect teams because it had a compelling UI that pulled in programs with a simple drag and a drop into our UX designer. It soon expanded to send out important weather-related events, public resource information and emergency response service details. Cloud-based applications such as Twitter have added a new level of functionality to the site. Engie is the perfect example of a mobile experience done well.

We’re also proud of our partners at the Australian Ballet, who had decided that:

“A key criteria was to have a mobile friendly interface. We really want to give people access to these core business tools on any device of their choice. We’re also introducing the ability for the dancers to book a physio appointment through the site and want to continue to evolve the mobile experience to offer much more. This is where the LiveTiles product has worked well. We’ve been able to create those finger friendly pages that will work on a small screen device.” 

The mobile experience is at the core of a LiveTiles digital experience platform. As mobile use continues to increase, remote access software with a responsive design is going to become even more necessary for users who need to access information in a way that works for them. But that’s only one requirement. The Harvard Business Review reminds us that “becoming a digital leader isn’t simply a matter of technological savvy. It’s about creating an agile organization that can detect what type of change is essential and respond quickly with the most competitive solution.” LiveTiles is constantly bringing you new preconfigured tiles and information to help you make the most of your digital transformation experience. A complex, yet easy to use digital experience platform, compelling success stories and responsive design are all available. Let us know how we can help you with your digital transformation.

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