What’s New in SharePoint 2016?

For over fifteen years, SharePoint has been a global leader in intranet development. Companies large and small have all found SharePoint to be an integral resource, merging a complex network of Microsoft’s Office 365 options with the comfort and usability of their own back-end servers to keep employees connected and well-informed. Recently, Microsoft has officially unveiled SharePoint 2016, the latest update in a string of growing SharePoint releases with an abundance of new features to streamline the intranet development process.

SharePoint 2016 is the first to offer what they’re calling “cloud inspired-infrastructure;” an on-premises server that runs SharePoint within Office 365, bringing unprecedented speed and accessibility to servers in a richer hybrid scenario. The update also comes with a simplified integration experience with Windows Server, SQL Server, and Exchange Server 2016, streamlining user support to make SharePoint easier to use than ever before.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is an integral part to SharePoint Server 2016, with a rich wealth of features to ensure sensitive information is protected with Microsoft’s latest developments in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) including document library accessibility, SMTP connection encryption, and massive updates to information rights management that allow restrictions on editing and printing based on the documents saved location.

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Another update, users can now click a simple “Follow” button, both within Office 365 and within SharePoint’s back-end system and see all their followed sites in one place under the “Sites” app. The update also introduces App Launcher, which allows users to follow links between SharePoint and Office 365.

MinRoles is another small, but significant improvement that allows users to now install just the specific roles that they want on each individual SharePoint server, helping keep hard drives quick and clean, running SharePoint with maximum efficiency. But as servers’ roles grow, MinRoles conveniently allows servers to grow along with them, streamlining the installation process with each pressing need.

With release scheduled for this upcoming spring, SharePoint 2016 boasts a wealth of robust UI features that ensure the software is easier to use than ever before. And after a number of delays and pushbacks since 2015, hopefully the intranet system lives up to its promises in the coming months.

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