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Hi, we’re LiveTiles.

We create workplace tech for companies of all sizes to connect their employees to everything they need at work for a more personal, productive and purposeful experience. From complex digital workplaces to quick-to-deploy mobile apps our solutions help connect your people to the very best employee experience.

So, let’s connect.

Limitless possibilities with LiveTiles workplace tech solutions

Enhancing the employee experience

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Communications and Publishing on an iPad

Why LiveTiles

For the Communicator

For the Technologist

  • Promotes high levels of employee engagement with critical and useful information.
  • Offers discrete channels for delivering targeted, relevant content that is essential to adoption.
  • Creates a consumer-grade user experience (UX) for both consumer and content creators alike.
  • Enables secure delivery of communication, collaboration, and automation capabilities without the time, cost, and risk of custom development. 
  • Frees up enterprise IT resources to focus on the highest value work.
  • Helps business requirements to be met, without adding maintenance overhead.

For the Knowledge Worker

  • Provides simplified access to the expertise, information and tools people need to get their jobs done more effectively – no matter where they are, what role they fulfill, or what device they are using.
  • Creates less “noise” with personalised views of relevant, targeted content.
  • Enables easy collaboration with colleagues and external partners.

For the Frontline Worker

  • Offers a quick-to-deploy, flexible, and mobile employee experience app. 
  • Provides greater access to SOPs, product and/or service collateral, as well as links to any systems through which benefits and payroll are managed.
  • Creates a single source of truth for essential company information while offering personalisation to ensure the frontline sees what’s relevant to them.

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