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Remotely read the room

Shorter than a survey, faster than a meeting, and more fun than a text, LiveTiles Vibe is the quickest way to get a team-wide pulse check.​


Send your first Vibe now - it's free!

How connected do you feel working from home
Video Conference Vibe
Energy Level Vibe Card
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Vibes — simple, interactive cards emailed to employees — can be completed in just seconds. They’re easy to send, fun to receive, and completely secure and confidential.

Whether you’re working from home or back at the office, with LiveTiles Vibe you’re always one click away from knowing how the team is feeling, if your remote culture is thriving, or if you need to make a change.

Keep the Vibe in Check
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Fast, fun, and free

LiveTiles Vibe is free and delightful to use. It’s simple: select a Vibe from the gallery and instantly send to your team.

Colorful and clean design make Vibes easy to read and fun to respond to — it just takes a click.

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Insights at light speed

Empower your decision making with real-time feedback.

Get simple, yet powerful analytics delivered directly to your inbox, including response rates and visualized breakdowns of responses.

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Convenient and easy-to-use

Send and receive Vibes directly within your existing Microsoft Teams and Outlook tools.

Send one-time asks or set auto-recurring Vibes to proactively check-in, monitor sentiment, or track trends.

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Private and secure

Vibe responses are confidential. Senders only see anonymized, aggregate data that cannot be attributed to a particular person (it’s a Vibe, not a poll).

All Vibe data is gathered and stored securely.

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Crafted by experts

All Vibes were carefully developed in partnership with the organizational psychology and employee wellness experts at Human Inc.


Keep the vibe in check

1. Select

Sign in with your Microsoft 365 account, and then choose which Vibe you want to send.

2. Send

List the team members you want to send to, then schedule a one-time or recurring Vibe.

3. Analyze

Review and evaluate the response analytics delivered directly to your inbox.

4. Act

Take data-driven action to positively impact your team and workplace.

Designed with workplace psychology specialists

Human Link specializes in market leading, thought provoking and engaging learning experiences that allow people to explore their internal world, enabling teams and organizations to flourish.
Kelly Michael

Kelly Michael

Kelly is a Positive Psychology Practitioner and Wellbeing Program Developer.

Watch wellbeing expert and Vibe collaborator Kelly Michael talk tech and wellness at our Love Your Work event.

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Data & Security

The LiveTiles Vibe cloud application will be hosted in the Microsoft Australia East data center.

Yes, to authenticate to the LiveTiles Vibe service and send Vibes, you will need to sign in with your Microsoft 365 account.

Yes, here at LiveTiles we take your data very seriously. We are committed to protecting your privacy and your information that we collect. All data collected through the LiveTiles Vibe service is stored and encrypted in Microsoft Azure.

Refer to our Privacy Policy and DPA.

How To

Yes, you can schedule and send as many Vibes as needed using the provided Vibe cards.

You may send Vibes to anyone you like by adding their email address to the recipients list. Vibes will work directly in Outlook, while recipients using other mail clients will be redirected to view Vibes in the browser.

Get in touch with us to see how we could accommodate Vibe into other platforms such as Microsoft Teams.


Vibes — simple, interactive cards emailed to employees — can be completed in just seconds. They’re easy to send, fun to receive, and completely secure and confidential.