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We create workplace tech for companies of all sizes to connect their employees to everything they need at work for a more personal, productive and purposeful experience.

From complex digital workplaces to quick-to-deploy mobile apps our solutions help connect your people to the very best employee experience.

So, let's connect.

The LiveTiles Story

The LiveTiles Story

Great things happen when people connect.

And at LiveTiles, we live for employee experience – where people are deeply connected to their company’s purpose, brand and vision, and where they are enabled to perform at their best and are happy and healthy at work and in life.

Our technology is not where you work, or how you work, its thoughtfully designed to change the nature of work so that it makes the most of peoples innate human capabilities.

Let's Connect

We supercharge communication and collaboration by harnessing people’s complementary strengths, embracing diversity to drive higher performance and we foster belongingness by enabling a sense of valued contribution.

We’re changing the way people around the world think and feel about their work – not only for commercial returns – but to focus on human experiences for the greater good.

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Livetiles Culture

LiveTiles Culture

People are at the heart of our culture, and the center of our global family, and we honor that with three core values. First, we are decent human beings. We care about people and our world, and treat our colleagues, customers, and partners accordingly.

Second, we get sh!t done. Getting work out the door is more important than endless process discussions.

Finally, we create unforgettable experiences–keeping our global family inspired and motivated, and on the platform we’ve created.

Our Solutions

LiveTiles is a pioneer in the Employee Experience Platform space, an evolving industry growing at a rapid rate.

Our tech stack offers a range of proprietary features including a core integration service which facilitates the seamless integration of applications. Unlike competitors who see the Employee Experience Platform as a destination (dashboard/hub), LiveTiles sees the employee as the destination.

With both Desktop and Mobile solutions LiveTiles is one of the few companies in the world that offer a holistic solution to all workers.

LiveTiles Solutions

LiveTiles [ LVT:ASX ]

A global leader in the employee experience platform industry connecting workers globally.


Offices and clients in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific



Entrepreneurial activities differ substantially



Listed on the ASX in late 2015



$46m FY21 Revenue $16.7m Cash balance

Peter Nguyen-Brown and Karl Redenbach

Creating unforgettable employee experiences

In 2014, Peter Nguyen-Brown and Karl Redenbach co-founded LiveTiles with the intention of disrupting the status quo and leading organizations into a new era of digital transformation. After 20 years of working in the tech space together, including running their own SharePoint consultancy firm, they realized that end users needed to be empowered to build their own intelligent workplaces without relying on the expertise of others.

From the beginning, Karl and Peter envisioned a different kind of company, based on mutual respect, where employees enjoy an inclusive workplace that is open to forward-thinking ideas and embracing diversity. These core principles have guided Karl and Peter’s decision-making and helped establish LiveTiles as one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world. Headquartered in New York with an office network across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, LiveTiles is a global software company that provides solutions and tools to build intelligent workplaces through AI, analytics and user interface design.

What began as a friendship between two aspiring entrepreneurs has evolved into one of Australia’s most accomplished business teams. LiveTiles is rapidly growing to serve global customers across all industries and its intelligent workplace design suite has been adopted by the world’s most iconic brands. With over 1100 paying customers and counting, LiveTiles is the innovative force that drives the enterprise, education and SMB markets to succeed.

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