About Us

Who We Are

We’re a global team passionate about transformative enterprise solutions and intelligent design, out to reshape the way people interact with technology.

LiveTiles is defining the market for the intelligent workplace by giving developers and business users tools to easily create dashboards, employee portals, and corporate intranets that can be further enhanced by artificial intelligence and analytics features.

What We Value​

People are at the heart of our culture, and the center of our global family, and we honor that with three core values. First, we are decent human beings. We care about people and our world, and treat our colleagues, customers, and partners accordingly.

Second, we get sh!t done. Getting work out the door is more important than endless process discussions.

Finally, we create unforgettable experiences–keeping our global family inspired and motivated, and on the platform we’ve created.

How We Began

LiveTiles is driven by the vision to create a platform that empowers users and fosters collaboration. Co-founders Karl Redenbach and Peter Nguyen-Brown craft software solutions that prioritize the human experience, without compromising functionality.

What began as a friendship between two aspiring entrepreneurs evolved into a rapidly growing Australian tech business. Since its inception, LiveTiles has established headquarters in New York City, and expanded its portfolio to deliver a suite of complementary products that serve businesses of every size, across all industries.

Karl and Pete
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What we do

LiveTiles enables organizations to create true intelligent workplaces by designing compelling user experiences that maximize productivity across the board.

By providing a no- or low-code solution, businesses are empowered to design user-optimized portals based on Office 365 or Azure technology, and hundreds of available APIs.  These portals are created using drag-and-drop functionality and can be enhanced with AI such as LiveTiles Chatbots.

Why it matters

Organizations seeking to transform the way they use their technology stacks often overspend on complex consultant solutions or succumb to status quo, missing the opportunity to create more intelligent workplaces where employees can work in a simpler, more collaborative, and efficient manner.

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