Transforming the Digital Employee Experience

Guide: 2020 Digital Workplace Trends

What is your organisation planning in 2020?

In 2020 a key strategic focus for many businesses and organisations will be to successfully roll-out an effective digital workplace, increasing user adoption and driving an overall excellent digital employee experience.  It will be the year when we witness the rebirth of the intranet as the centre of the intelligent digital workplace, driving business value.

We believe it’s going to be a pivotal and exciting year for the digital workplace and the teams behind them, so we’ve compiled this guide detailing our top ten trends for the digital workplace for 2020. It aims to provide digital workplace leaders with recommendations and talking points to help them plan for 2020 and be in a better position to seize the opportunities and navigate the challenges.

Whether you’re managing a mature digital workplace or want to open conversations with stakeholders, we aim that you find it thought-provoking and useful. We’ve also included a more detailed checklist at the end of this report with specific questions to consider.

Download our guide “Transforming the digital employee experience: 2020 digital workplace trends” to learn more. 


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