LiveTiles Directory

Achieve complete and up to date employee profiles across Microsoft 365.

Get up and running in hours with a simple, predictable deployment.

Why LiveTiles Directory?

Eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming manual profile updates for HR and IT across disparate systems. LiveTiles Directory knows what’s missing, out-of-date or incorrect, and proactively contacts employees for updates.

Compliance & Standardization
Gain real-time insights and reporting on employee profile quality. Enforce organizational standards with data validations and approval workflows.

Profile Quality & Accuracy
Unify employee profiles across disparate sources including Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint Online User Profiles, Delve, and Microsoft Teams. Custom connectors available to HRIS/HCM platforms.

Simple & Easy
Updates for users and administrators are quick and easy. Customizable attributes make it simple to find experts across your organization.

Unlock Value in Microsoft 365
Accurate and complete profile data across Microsoft 365 apps and experiences to power effective content targeting and workflow automation.

Analysis & Insights

The administrator dashboard provides an overview of the health of your organizations entire profiles, as well as completion percentages for each profile attribute. This giving real-time insights into data completeness and compliance. 

Notifications & Employee Self Service

Engage your employees to collect and update missing, out-of-date or incorrect profile information. LiveTiles Directory will reach out to employees on a regular basis (defined by you) and ask them to confirm or update their profile information.


Standardization, Validation & Approvals

Data validations and approval workflows ensure the integrity of employee information to meet defined organizational standards. You determine which attributes require approval before changes are written to your systems of record.

Customization & Branding

Create your own organizational specific attributes e.g. Expertise, Clients and Projects. We make it insanely easy to modify the product to match your organization’s brand and align with your existing Intranet and Microsoft 365 look and feel.

Built for Microsoft 365 & Teams

Purpose-built to integrate with Microsoft 365. Surface powerful people and skill search experiences where your people are working– SharePoint, Teams, Mobile.

Directory & Organization Chart

Our directory experience provides your employees with an easy to use, reliable and customizable people search experience. Our Org Chart makes it simple to collaborate across the entire organization by ensuring employee profiles and relationships are always up to date as your organization grows and changes.

Help employees collaborate wherever they work with the LiveTiles Directory.

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CYCL Matchpoint (LiveTiles Hub) and Condense (LiveTiles Reach) are now a part of LiveTiles.
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