LiveTiles Reach

Make communicating and engaging your employees easy wherever they need to work.

Get up and running in hours with a simple, predictable deployment.

LiveTiles Reach - Mobile First Employee Communication

Improve employee engagement and retention
Effective communication is the glue that keeps employees engaged. Reach ensures your people remain “in the know” via audience targeted, channel-based communications. Overcome language barriers with automated translations to 60+ languages.

Anytime, anywhere access
Reach your people where they are working with desktop and mobile experiences. Reach allows you to extend your corporate communications to external parties including contractors, vendors, and partners.

Quick to deploy
Get up and running fast with a true SaaS platform. No need to wait weeks and months to begin effectively communicating with your internal and external teams.

Easy to maintain
Reach is an evergreen platform with regular releases of new capability and zero down-time updates. Our data-driven insights into what content is and isn’t being consumed will improve the quality of your communications.

Optimised for performance & UX
Hosted in Microsoft Azure with global and regional deployment models available to deliver your organisation optimal performance and user experience.

Integrated with Microsoft 365
Reach delivers authentication via Microsoft Azure AD or independent user registration. Our connectors for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online deliver effective employee communications where your employees are working.


Targeted, channel-based communications (News)

Ensure the relevancy of communications with channels by location, role, department, project etc. Read confirmations, compliance tracking and urgency indicators ensures important communications are not overlooked.

Structured Knowledge Sharing

Deliver structured content – such as employee and process manuals. Extensive knowledge articles can be effortlessly created and updated with rich media – images, video, audio.

Employee Socialization and Messaging (Posts)

Communication not only happens top-down, but also bottom-up; enable all employees to share information within the company. Our intuitive (WYSIWYG) rich media editor enables knowledge sharing via links, pictures and videos to specific channels and teams or with the whole organisation.

Event Management

Deliver trainings, briefings and townhalls complete with registration tracking, conferencing tool integration (i.e. Microsoft Teams, Zoom). Easily gather post-event feedback through surveys and polls.

People & Expertise Directory (People)

With LiveTiles Directory Employees can easily find the right contacts and connect with them by phone, email, chat, or start a Microsoft Teams conversation. Our integration with Azure AD and Azure AD B2C, brings your contractors, freelancers and business partners into your directory for safe and secure communications.

A Mobile First Employee Communication App

Offer mobile-communication and enterprise social for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Integrations including Microsoft Teams

We make it easy to integrate Reach with your 3rd party systems via our webhooks module and API. Visit the Teams App Store and get Reach up and running in Microsoft Teams in minutes.

Connect with employees wherever they work with the LiveTiles Reach employee communications app.

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