LiveTiles for Microsoft Teams

A one-stop digital workplace delivered right to where you people are already working.

A one-stop shop for employee communications

LiveTiles for Teams breaks the silos between applications and delivers the one corporate dashboard in MS Teams you need to visit to keep up and get work done by bringing in a personalized and intelligent overview of content and tools across all systems.

Everything in One Place
Minimize the number of context switches your people experience by aggregating the best of Microsoft 365 and third-party enterprise applications into a single pane of glass.

Targeted, Relevant Content
Cut through the noise with targeted, channel-based communications mapped to the unique audiences inside your business. Bring the critical element for formal, curated content including news, policies and

Rapid Deployment
Consider 80% of information architecture (IA), user-interface (UI) and technical specification, done. The best experts in the market have already done this work and embedded the results into LiveTiles Reach for Teams.

Contain Teams your way

Catch Teams sprawl in its making. LiveTiles Workspaces allows you to control the Teams creation process through approval flows and templates with fixed standards for privacy level, roles and functionality.

Organizational Standards
By creating new teams based on fixed templates, users intuitively establish groups and teams with a suitable (customizable?) level of security and governance fit for the business purpose. Data is systematically collected for each team created, ensuring all teams are optimized for findability and governance.

Approval Workflows
By adding a layer of either manual or automatic approval, LiveTiles Workspaces ensures there is a legitimate reason behind the creation of every new team.

Lifecycle Management
A built-in governance flow requires team owners to regularly confirm relevancy of their teams in MS Teams. Ultimately, auto archiving will clear away inactive teams. No sweat though, a team can always be recovered if it becomes missed.

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