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AI features at LiveTiles: Beyond the hype 

Zack Alami

Global Director of Product Marketing

AI intranet features
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LiveTiles is diving deeper and going beyond just the buzzword, working on multiple interconnected initiatives, and implementing AI in our products that offer tangible benefits and robust ROI to our customers for FY24 and beyond. 

As we continue our journey, the role of AI within intranets is becoming increasingly vital in enhancing productivity and work quality. At LiveTiles, we see AI as an opportunity to automate tedious tasks, reduce errors, and analyse employee feedback to continually refine their experience.  

Whether it’s helping internal communicators avoid ‘writer’s block’ or automating content management to prevent information overload, AI is set to transform the workplace into an efficient, interconnected hub. Investing in AI is an investment in our employees’ future, empowering them to work smarter, not harder.

Our vision for AI in digital workspaces 

At LiveTiles, our vision for digital workspaces is expansive and AI is the linchpin. We are enhancing internal communications through AI with content generation and analysis, providing engagement analytics to understand the impact of content on various audience segments. Our goal is to create a workspace where AI doesn’t just support tasks but is an integral part of an engaging and responsive digital environment. 

Here’s a sneak peek of everything that’s coming to LiveTiles:

New LiveTiles AI Assistant for real-time, personalized employee assistance

The LiveTiles AI Assistant is redefining immediate and personalized employee support by transforming complex data into actionable insights and leveraging machine learning to deliver the right information in the right context.

In simple words, it will assist employees in quickly finding everything they need and ensure they don’t miss any important notifications, all in a single place.

This represents the evolution of our award-winning “everywhere panel” feature, which traditionally integrates seamlessly with your SharePoint and Teams environments.

The new assistant will not only merge all your systems, but it will also evolve from being static to becoming an interactive widget. This transition allows for immediate access, introduces a conversational interface, and serves as a single point of contact for all employee inquiries, delivering fast, accurate responses that reduce the time spent searching for information.

Lastly, our AI Assistant will be powered by the addition of two new services: our AI Engine and our Notification Engine, which we’ll explore later in this post.

New AI Content Creation Assistant for LiveTiles Reach

Creating engaging and accurate content that resonates with every employee can be a significant challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. LiveTiles Reach is bringing a transformative edge to content creation by integrating a new AI virtual assistant. This tool is designed to help internal communicators, editors, and all employees collaborate more effectively, enhancing the content creation process. 

Key new features of the LiveTiles Reach AI Virtual Assistant: 

  • AI Content Creation Assistant: Our innovative AI assistant is here to streamline your content creation. It assists you in swiftly generating initial drafts, optimizing text, completing sentences, and if needed, rewriting entire sections to ensure your message hits the mark. As we look to the future, we’re excited to expand its capabilities to include tone and sentiment corrections, making your content not just informative but emotionally intelligent. 
Livetiles reach AI
  • Predictive Analytics: What if you could measure the impact of your content before it even goes live? With our upcoming predictive analytics feature, communicators will gain insights into the potential performance of their content. This forward-looking tool will empower our users to make data-driven decisions, ensuring their message resonates with the intended audience and aligns with organizational goals. 

The introduction of the AI virtual assistant to LiveTiles Reach represents a significant leap forward in content management. This is about empowering every employee to produce content that is not only engaging but also precisely calibrated for the audience and the company’s communication strategy. It’s a shining example of how AI can enhance creativity and efficiency, providing a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of internal communications.  Learn more about our new Employee App here.

Introducing our new AI & Notifications Engines

Starting in March 2024, we are introducing the new AI Engine and Notifications Engine to help administrators take control of these services within the entire LiveTiles ecosystem.

AI Engine

Our new AI Engine is your gateway to managing AI functionality within the LiveTiles ecosystem. This service offers more than just data privacy and security; it’s about providing a robust foundation for all AI-driven features and ensuring they are accessible across all our products.

Notifications Engine

Acting as the central hub for all your communication channels, this engine streamlines the flow of information, ensuring that notifications are both timely and relevant. It delivers precision in communication, offering the ability to customize notification delivery to harmonize with the unique rhythm of your workplace.

Forward-Thinking: AI Governance coming in 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re excited to introduce governance features for our AI capabilities. This forward step will focus on transparent cost management and detailed oversight of AI feature utilization. We’re dedicated to ensuring that organizations can maximize their AI investment while maintaining clarity on how these powerful tools enhance their digital workspaces.

Our vision for AI: Beyond the hype 

Our vision for AI at LiveTiles is clear: it’s about going beyond the hype and delivering real, measurable benefits to our customers. We’re not just implementing AI for the sake of it; we’re using it to enhance operations, deliver actionable analytics, and provide personalized assistance that makes every employee’s day more productive and enjoyable. This is how we deliver superior employee experience, today and in the future. 

If you want to experience these new AI features, request a demo and our experts will give you a personalized walkthrough.

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