LiveTiles Enterprise Intranet / Deployment options

LiveTiles Intranet on-premise, cloud or hybrid—your choice.

Expanding our on-premises support to include the Modern Experience on SPSE.

Flexible deployment

We build LiveTiles Intranet to provide flexibility and help streamline the deployment of your intranet in every possible scenario. Microsoft SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (SPSE) is one of those scenarios and represents the next step in the SharePoint Server journey.

Intranet On-Premises

Extended support for Modern Experience On-Premises and SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.

Intranet Cloud

Unify your data in the cloud. LiveTiles is installed as an add-in to Microsoft’s Azure.

Livetiles in Office 365

No trouble installing, no problem updating. LiveTiles can be provided as “Software as a Service” to Office 365.

Why LiveTiles Intranet?

An intranet solution that meets your organization’s unique needs, LiveTiles Intranet provides you with the framework to shape your solution exactly as you wish. 

Let us assist you in choosing the right platform for your business to seamlessly transition from an on-premises environment to the cloud or from an older on-premises version to SPSE. 

A few more reasons to try LiveTiles Intranet


Enable users to intuitively provision workspaces at the same time as you meet the business’ need for governance. The workspaces module enables seamless provisioning and governance of workspaces within SharePoint and Teams.


Integrate with third-party line-of-business applications and digitize processes with APIs, webhooks, and connectors.


Employees are automatically notified of policies. A built-in page control prompts employees to actively confirm they have read the required content.

You’re one step closer to prioritize and measure your digital employee experience—request a demo today.

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CYCL Matchpoint (LiveTiles Hub) and Condense (LiveTiles Reach) are now a part of LiveTiles.
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