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Creativity at work (and how it can save your business)

Creativity at work is something you’re either born with or not. Right?

Not according to Emmy-nominated creativity expert and keynote speaker Nir Bashan.

Nir believes we can all harness the natural creativity we had as kids and use creativity at work to boost our businesses.

Author of The Creator Mindset, Nir Bashan.

Nir has spent 20 years working on a formula to codify creativity and working with leaders around the world. He just released his first book on the subject, The Creator Mindset.

“People think that you either have creativity or you don’t. But what I’ve found through 20 years of research is that anybody can be creative. It just takes the will to try,” he said.

Nir said The Creator Mindset is about creativity at work, and is aimed at leaders and professionals who are wondering why they can’t get where they want to go.  

“This is about shifting your mind to allow for the creativity you developed as a child to seep into your everyday reality. It can help you solve problems in your business that analytics cannot solve.”

A “serial entrepreneur”

Born in Israel and raised in Los Angeles, Nir started his first business when he was nine, going door to door washing cars.

He says he learned a lot about creativity on that first job. He became a “serial entrepreneur” until he came up with a way to spread creativity to the masses.

“I feel like we’re all born with creativity and we just whittle it away as we get older. As adults we’ve stopped looking at the world as it can be, and now all we see is what it is.”

“With COVID and everything going on in the world, it’s high time to use creativity in everything that we do.”

According to Nir, the cost of not embracing creativity just might be the cost of losing your business.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a florist or a farmer. By using the principles of creativity at work you can gain benefits that you’ll never gain from analytical thinking alone.”

Nir often consults for business. He examines the sales pipeline and the customer service pipeline. Staff are then empowered to figure out creative new ways of operating.

“What I want people to do is take away a value that really comes from shifting your mindset.

“This isn’t in a piece of equipment that you need to buy, or staff that you need to hire,” he said.  

“Everything that I talk about in my book is free.”

Now is the time to be creative

When Nir delivered the keynote speech at a software conference, his opening statement wasn’t well received.

“I said that most of the people in the room are currently working on a problem that nobody has. I said, ‘The software business is ripe with people solving problems that do not exist.’

“And to say that people were pissed off is an understatement, but it’s true.”

For Nir, innovation cannot be a standalone by-product. It has to be the result of 360-degree approach to understanding every nook and cranny of your business

“Unless you’re taking all these things into account, you’re developing something that someone does not want.

“Right now is the best time to come up with innovation and creativity in your business, because necessity is the mother of all invention.”

“People that can create and do cool things are able to stay alive and stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Those who aren’t are quickly going to go away.”

Hear more of Nir’s story as he chats with Chris Lukianenko on the LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace podcast.

Find out how LiveTiles’ digital innovation can revolutionize your workplace.

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