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The Geelong Football club is an Australian rules football club from Victoria, Australia with almost 60,000 members. The club supports four teams that compete in the AFL, AFLW, VFL and VFLW.

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The Challenge

Heavily reliant on email, the Geelong Football Club was eager to find a way to easily communicate between administrative teams and develop a clean, intuitive and secure platform for documents and policies. The change to remote working caused by the Coronavirus required a greater level of internal communication & digital connection than ever.

The Solution

A sharp, clean Intranet giving all staff access to information wherever they are, and a powerful yet simple platform they can customise and change.

The Result

Staff engagement has rocketed higher, and the Club can now see what needs improvements, where communication is needed and how staff understand and interact with each other.
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The Challenge:

A flurry of emails accompanying every decision within a business becomes difficult to keep track of, and once information becomes unwieldy, staff start disengaging.

This was the problem facing the Geelong Football Club, whose staff found collaborating and managing documents took a colossal amount of effort and time, meaning employees would often miss critical news or updates.

In the spirit of simplicity, and reflective of high performance teams, the club needed an intuitive and secure internal web based environment that gave staff the tools and information they needed to do their jobs (and get the Cats into the Grand Final).

With the rapid requirement for remote working due to the Coronavirus, the Club needed to be able to securely communicate & collaborate more effectively than ever before.

Certainly, LiveTiles helped us design an Intranet that’s appealing easy to navigate, provides a digital hub for the club to centralise content and communication. We’ve also seen a staff engagement increase as we’ve connected our people.

Geelong Cats Solution 2

The Solution:

After aligning on strategy, ideal design, critical content and communication needs, the LiveTiles Intelligent Intranet was rolled out across the organisation.

A customised platform, the Intelligent Intranet centralises and clearly organises the club’s content and information, and offers users granular data on how staff interact with the site, informing decision makers on what needs improvements and where communication can be improved.

The Intranet’s malleability means the club can continuously evolve pages, test changes and save on costly redesigns in the future by making clever amendments in real time, which has been vital with the volume of new information to be communicated due to the Coronovirus Pandemic.

Our intranet has been paramount in keeping staff informed while working remotely.

Geelong Cats Solution 3

The Result:

After a sharp six week turnaround from specs to delivery, the Geelong Football Club immediately saw a boost in employee engagement. Beforehand, the club’s internal homepage attracted around 350 views a week, but within four weeks of the new platform’s launch, weekly views shot up to 1,300.

Staff reported that simple navigation meant they could begin contributing and understanding the digital hub instantly, and the club saw a boost in staff engagement as they began connecting with each other.

The clean design and mobile adaptability gives the club new flexibility, and everyone from executives to the many interns, can understand and begin implementing changes that push the organisation forward.

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