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The Little Potato Company

Customer Story

Employees at the heart of the company


Food and beverage
Global, United States

The Challenge

It was easy to keep track of their potatoes, they had machines to automatically sort and pack them. The same could not be said for their employee data, it was a manual process

The Solution

Utilise the power and efficiency of LiveTiles Employee Directory to get things back on track.

The Result

Their employee data is now as consistent as the size of their prize winning creamer potatoes.
Prize Winning Creamer Potatoes

From little things, big things grow

The Little Potato Company, began in 1996 with a clear mission – to better feed the world, one creamy and delicious tasting potato at a time. The family-based company works hard to foster an award-winning workplace, where employees are celebrated.

The company values place a high importance on employees and supporting them to succeed. These values permeate across the entire organization including the IT team who are entrusted with keeping employee information up to date.

Doug Howell, Senior Information Technology Manager saw the need to move away from the manual process of email requests to IT for employee profile changes.

Little Potato Company

Work smarter, not harder

The Little Potato Company sought a solution that would provide better access to employee information through Office 365. At the same time, the company wanted to reduce the burden on IT but empower HR to have control over the information.

After seeing a demo of how LiveTiles Employee Directory could manage Office 365 photos—Doug quickly saw the value it could bring to the company and his team.

Doug was introduced to LiveTiles Canadian partner, Processive Solutions, who were able to provide essential support in getting the company quickly up and running with LiveTiles Employee Directory. 

“Processive Solutions ensured the process was incredibly fast and easy and had us had us up and running in less than a day” said Doug.

Collections is really great—I don’t think the product would work how we need without it. I was able to make the postal code box say ‘Zip Code’ for US employees, and ‘Postal Code’ for Canadian employees; and enforce the correct format for each country.

Completing the picture

LiveTiles Employee Directory was launched by the HR department via a photo contest in which employees were asked to submit profile photos that included the company logo or brand. “Our HR department has really got behind this product” advised Doug.

Through LiveTiles’ AI technology, the Little Potato Company has seen profile information increase to 92% complete across the entire organization. At the same time, Doug and his team have significantly reduced the reliance on IT to keep profile accurate.

The Live Active Directory has also been released at the company and has helped employees quickly and simply find and connect to each other within Office 365.

Looking forward, the Little Potato Company is looking to leverage LiveTiles Employee Directory to help synchronize employee information with other systems including their payroll, accounting, and Human Resource applications.

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