Monford Group

Monford is a national construction company building large infrastructure, resource and energy projects.


The Challenge

A dated, difficult to use Intranet system had Monford employees struggling to find relevant contact information and had managers at a loss at how to broadcast critical news.

The Solution

A branded, intuitive LiveTiles Intranet gives staff tools like a centralised portal, quick access to numerous disparate third-party systems, data dashboards and team communication sites to better unify their company culture, and simplify their searches.

The Result

Monford employees love the new Intranet, and after one training session everyone can manage and interact with the system seamlessly.

The Challenge:

Monford staff had become accustomed to digging through a dated, difficult-to-use intranet to find relevant company information.

The size of the company, and the variety of projects and teams, meant staff spent a lot of time looking for the right person to contact.

With such a large group, Monford wanted a way to unify and bring together teams to improve the broader company culture by sharing news and updates.

Infrastructure and roads example

The Solution:

It took Monford just over a month to get their new, modern LiveTiles Intranet up and running, complete with centralised portal, quick access to numerous disparate third-party systems, data dashboards and team communication sites

Staff could instantly locate relevant information, and begin integrating the new pages with third-party business apps, like DropBox, Salesforce and Google Drive.

After one training session on the system LiveTiles explained everything so well that we have been able to manage it ourselves since the set up. Feedback from staff has been great, they love the new intranet.

Construction site with engineers

The Results:

Monford staff can now access their everyday websites all in one place, particularly the company org chart, so they can see who they need to contact regarding different queries.

Managers and leaders can broadcast company information in a timely, attractive way, giving staff a unified point of contact and business understanding.

Round the clock support also means the organisation can adjust their intranet whenever suits, but Monford have found they can self-manage and make new decisions based on employee feedback.

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