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Virgin Australia is one of Australia’s largest airlines. It commenced services on 31 August 2000 as Virgin Blue, with two aircraft on a single route. It has since grown to become a major airline in Australia’s domestic market, with close to 100 aircraft, and serving over 50 destinations.

Virgin Australia takes collaboration to new heights as part of its digital transformation journey

The Business Case

As a leading Australian airline, Virgin Australia realised that its current intranet platform, The Vine, needed to be modernised to effectively support the business. The current legacy solution had become outdated, which posed numerous challenges. From a technology perspective, the old solution was difficult to manage and design, costly to optimise and integration with other line of business systems was not possible. From a business perspective, staff found the solution troublesome to use and access was a challenge for mobile workers and those not on the corporate network. As a result, staff became disconnected from The Vine and rated their satisfaction with the tool as low. 

With this in mind, Virgin Australia identified that it needed to deliver an improved communication and digital experience to its staff. The overall aim was to enable staff to access information anywhere, anytime, whilst providing a suite of self-service facilities to drive improved staff satisfaction and performance. 

Virgin Australia’s vision was to have a new intranet platform for communication and collaboration across the enterprise. It wanted to do this using modern web technologies to provide a positive user experience. Virgin Australia worked together with Data#3 and LiveTiles to understand how it could successfully deliver on this vision. 

Our team’s perception of SharePoint was that it was clunky and not user friendly. We knew it was a powerful tool, but we needed a way to make it easy for our employees to use. LiveTiles did exactly that. In fact, most people don’t even know that it sits on top of SharePoint Online. The search function is fabulous!

The Solution

Virgin Australia consulted with Data#3 to determine the right solution. The agreed strategy was to take advantage of Virgin Australia’s existing investment in modern workplace technologies, such as Office 365. To achieve the project goals, Data#3 proposed a collaborative solution to bring together the right skills and technologies to enable success; SharePoint Online would serve as the foundation for the new Vine, whilst leveraging LiveTiles’ intelligent workplace platform to extend the employee experience even further.  

Establishing user feedback and requirement gathering workshops in a rapid application development approach, the team initially built and delivered a proof-of-concept for one group at Virgin Australia. The proof-of-concept needed to demonstrate that the solution would deliver a positive user experience and achieve the required goals.

Deemed a success, the solution was then rolled out company-wide, with the full project completed in June 2019. 

The Outcome

The successful business and technology outcomes were delivered under budget and accomplished through a highly consultative project, led collaboratively between Virgin Australia and Data#3, a notable LiveTiles AI Spark Program Partner with the support of Microsoft. 

The combination of Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online, LiveTiles and Data#3’s services, now provides the following benefits of The Vine:

  • Mobile workers have access to the intranet and other collaboration solutions
  • Users can access the solution from outside of the network
  • Improved user experience and satisfaction
  • The intranet is now a single source of truth
  • Easy integration with other collaboration tools
  • The solution is easy to manage, reducing the requirement for specific IT skills
  • Easy-to-use tools to create a modern, responsive design for users

Virgin Australia has now moved from what was previously a legacy communication platform to a full collaboration solution, taking staff to new heights and supporting its growth as one of Australia’s largest airlines. 

We love how easy it is to update. We can take real feedback from the business and make changes on the spot, so the site remains up to date and interesting. One of our key challenges was having a central place to store HR information for everyone to access. Our employees are not all in the office, in fact most are on the front line and need a tool that is easy to access on any device at any time.

LiveTiles gives you the power to create a one-stop shop – where all your Microsoft applications and links to other programmes can all be stored in the one place. We are so excited that our other departments are also moving over [to LiveTiles’ platform], ensuring that sharing information between our businesses is going to be easier than ever. When you have a geographically dispersed workforce, a great technology platform is absolutely essential!

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